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This is a letter I just received from one of our best dealers, Eyehear Technologies in Kalispell, Montana. Russ deals with this everyday and here is a letter to a client looking for quality seating and very confused by all the internet offerings... Theater Seating is...

The “Theaters Seating Internet Search Challenge!”

If you’re like 22,000 others who search the internet monthly using, “Home Theater Seating,” as your search words/category, you will find hundreds of available sites. This crowded category has attracted the likes of cheap bargain basement retailers, Big Box membership...

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Contact; Michael Laurino Tel: 406-322-2000                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cell: Cell 406-249-8820 E-mail: sales@premierehts.com PremiereHTS Theater Seating …ANNOUNCES RADICAL PRICE REDUCTIONS AND RIGHT-SIZE RESTRUCTURING AT...

Best home theater system and seating

Contact; Michael Laurino Tel: 406-322-2000 ext 101                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cell: 406-249-8820                                                                 September 1st 2012 E-mail: michael@premierehts.com...

PremiereHTS Introduces The Tower 2004

PremiereHTS Introduces The Tower Premiere HTS Introduces The Tower™ – An Innovative Concept in Luxury Seating for Home Theaters and Entertainment Rooms. With The Tower, Every Seat Is Now The Best Seat In The House. Indianapolis, IN, September 10, 2004 – Premiere Home...

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