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A Forum of Information…

Can you help me with my Purchase? Tell us Your Experience! As I peruse the internet and all the Home Theater Groups and Forums, I continually read questions for help in making a purchasing decision. Unfortunately, there are more comedians and mockers than helpful...

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Throw Away Consumer Goods Mentality!

How did we ever get to the point that we would accept inferior quality goods or cheap, throw-a-way products? I grew up in the mid 50's thru the later 60's and the world was a whole lot different. We grew up wanting the best that we could achieve, afford and desire....

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Theater Seat Tray Tables by PremiereHTS

Our Swivel Tray Tables are Voted #1 Thank you to all who have contacted us concerning our unique swivel Tray Tables. While searching for this accessory, many have contacted us and recognize the quality and difference between ours and the competition. Using real fine...

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Home Theater Seating… Factory Direct?

Your opportunity to Buy Direct from the Manufacturer! Wait? What? That's True? YES, you now have the opportunity to work directly with me, the owner/designer and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating. What Changed? What changed is the...

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Luxury, Comfort, Quality Theater Seating.

Buzz Words or Honest descriptions? When I search, Home Theare Seating as the main phrase or search parameter, what appears? First you must know that the first three or four listed products or companies pay an exorbitated, "Click Fee." Known as "Cost Per Click," or...

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Dedicated Home Theater… Dead or Alive?

Do people still build Home Theaters? I have been asked many times if people are still building dedicated home theaters. In the past decade, the market trends have changed radically. Lifestyles have changed drastically and the Milennials (1981 – 1996) and Gen Z (1997 –...

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Best Home Theater Seating for 2023

Let the People Speak When it comes to bragging about the Best Home Theater Seating, who do you trust? Every Theater Seating company will tell you they are the, "BEST," or "Voted Number 1," or post a list of short comment, reviews or accolades followed by initials or...

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PremiereHTS Receives 2023 Best of Reno Award Reno Award Program Honors the Achievement RENO, NV August 30, 2023 -- PremiereHTS has been selected for the 2023 Best of Reno Award in the Furniture manufacturer category by the Reno Award Program. Each year, the Reno Award...

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