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Our exclusive Line of Contemporay European Styling. Each style offers a selection of chairs, sofas, entertainment groups or any configuration you can dream up!


With an ever changing market in home entertainment furniture, and a long history of building heirloom quality seating, we introduce SOLVANI. With a name like this, meaning, “the gold standard,” we set the bar far above what furniture has become today.

Legacy furniture names of old, having closed their American factories and moved off shore, SOLVANI’s name and reputation is built on over 80 years, three generations of furniture artisans from Italy. Family is where it all began and continues the tradition of building the BEST!

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Murano Sofa & Chair

Ponza says Elegance

When it comes to timeless style and comfort Solvani offers a finished, tight line design without sacrificing comfort, quality and our legacy of heirloom furniture.

Simply Muriano…

Each design within this family of seating, you will see the heritage of design with simple changes and defining lines. All offering our disappearing, power head rest, oversized arm rest and whisper quiet power operation.

Manzoni 32 Sofa

Solution for Comfort…

Sit back and enjoy your favorite movie, concert, sporting event or just relaxing music to enjoy an evening at home. Quiet, relaxing and intimate comfort.

With the Touch of a Button…

No matter the room, configuration or style, SOLVANI has it all. Peruse the collection and find the one that touches your heart. Power head rest, oversized arm rest and whisper quiet power operation.

Manzoni 32 Sofa

Reaching Echelon Style …

When it comes to creating a unique configuration, style and sizing, nobody does it better. With hundreds of leather choices, trim, accents and stitch patterns, there is nothing we can’t do.

This is proudly displayed in my home!

When we say, MAX, we mean it…

Max means maximum comfort, style, size and boldness. The Maxiano Series offers the rugged look, full size comfort and makes a statement all its own. When you want to fill that oversized room with a man sized sectional, look no further than MAXIANO!

Solvani with small straight storage console.
Manzoni 32 Sofa

Reaching SOLVANI Style …

When average or plain isn’t acceptable, SOLVANI is right up your alley. The entire collection takes that, “Italian Style” and brings it home like no othere. There are copycats and knockoffs, but nothing will compare to the original!

Looking for a simple Sofa?

There is nothing “simple” when it comes to SOLVANI. With all the same great features we offer on the entire collection, Power Tilt Headsrest, ful mortorized incline and a USB power port, there is nothing “simple” here!

1998 - 2023 Celebrating 25 Years!

After the launch of Premiere Home Theater Seating in 1998 and developing and maintaining a reputation among the top designers, integrators and retailers in the A/V industry, we now expand into a contemporary design, unique and elegant. 

Peruse these pages and ask us about how you can add SOLVANI to your decor with hundreds of top grain, European leathers and American craftsmanship.  

As we have said for our entire existence…

“Nobody was ever Sorry for Buying the BEST!”