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“We have had our 2 chairs and loveseat with chaise for a couple weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and beauty of this furniture! We decided on the Series lll Del Rey, but wanted a loveseat with a chaise on one side. They custom built what we were looking for with no hesitation. I am so happy with how it turned out!!We had to wait a bit longer to receive our furniture due to the pandemic but it was 100% worth it. Premiere HTS had to absorb extra costs to build and ship due to the pandemic, but didn’t not pass any of those costs to me which I really appreciated.

 I highly recommend PremiereHTS if you’re looking for the highest quality leather and custom built chairs.”

 Thank you, Bryant & Lanay                                                     Lake Tahoe, California

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the all new… del rey iii

“I want to thank Lanay and Bryant for their kind words and patience through this difficult time. Like so many of our clients over these past 25+ years, they have all been more than generous with their comments and always ready to recommend PremiereHTS to friends and family. You can read many of their Testimonials on these webpages and most have included their contact information to share their experiences. 

Today we are receiving calls and contacts from customers from many years ago who have sold their homes and included their theaters and seating and are ready to buy again… If you would like to add your room here, please contact me and I would be thrilled to have you join the Gallery!


Michael R Laurino – CEO PremiereHTS

Latest customer showcase

Featured Installations

We have worked with Michael on 2 media rooms and have been extremely happy with the finished product each time! He has been wonderful helping us plan and design our rooms as well as hunting down the exact leather we want! The quality and pricing are unmatched! Anyone who has ever entered either of our media rooms has raved about the chairs – we couldn’t be happier!!!

Pam Frank                                                                  Palm City, Florida     

“I want to thank Pam for their kind words. We are seeing more customers like Pam as the years pass and they sell their homes and come back again to PremiereHTS! Testimonials on these webpages and most have included their contact information to share their experiences.

Michael R Laurino CEO PremiereHTS   


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The Newly updated…landmark ii

Latest customer showcase

Featured Installations

“We had installed the Landmark chairs in our first home theater build in 2002 and loved them. Our next home had a theater, but not PremiereHTS chairs (we missed our Landmarks). When planning a theater in our new home in 2021, we built around new Landmark II’s.

They are in and we love them!!

Throughout the entire process, Michael personally kept us updated on the pandemic related supply chain challenges and freight availability issues. The customer service was exceptional, the process was seamless, and the quality of the chairs unmatched.”

Mary and Matt P.

Bradenton, FL


“WOW, nearly 20 years later! I want to personally thank both Mary and Matt for their extreme patience during this process. The supply chain issues have caused unprecedented delays. The freight issues that the entire furniture world is also experiencing is making life very challenging. But at the end of the process, we know that our seating is still the number one Home Theater’s choice! And clients like Mary & Matt remind me of why we do this…”

Michael R Laurino CEO PremiereHTS

Latest customer gallery

the all new… Landmark ii

During this unprecedented time, we are striving to deliver the same quaility and performance PremiereHTS has been recognized for. With your patience and loyalty, we will get throught this together…

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