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Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.”

Below you can read through some 25 years of Testimonials from many of our long time dealers, clients designers and builders who wanted to share their experience with PremiereHTS.

Client Comments

Dennis Erskine

I only recommend products which are of high quality and come from companies with integrity. I have had PremiereHTS motorized seats in daily use in my own home for 20 years. Today they still look new and operate flawlessly. I have sold or recommended PremiereHTS for the same period of time.

Dennis Erskine

Erskine Group, Inc.

Kevin Marshall

We have been a Premiere HTS dealer for many years. We have found the quality of these chairs to be outstanding and even more important for us as a dealer, we have found the support to be equally outstanding. Michael has gone above and beyond countless times to help us close the sale.

Kevin Marshall, General Manager

Buffalo, NY

Doug Westerhaus

Michael –
I want to follow up with you after receiving our theater seats a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t be more pleased, and have already received numerous compliments about the seats from friends and family. I searched the internet for high quality seating after looking at theater seats around Kansas City in furniture and audio stores. I was disappointed in the quality of seating I saw in stores around here and just couldn’t accept that as being the only available alternative. I have learned in my life that there is not that much price difference between good and poor quality products or services. In fact, it is my experience that poor quality almost always costs more!
In my search, I also spoke with several internet outlets that specialize in theater seats and heard dazzling presentations that skirted around the tougher questions I asked. I was interested in finding seats that were made with high quality leather – not just on the part of the seat where your body touches, but on all surfaces of the chair. I wanted to know if the frame was made of hardwood and whether the reclining mechanism was warranted. It was interesting that I heard a lot about split leather and leather-like material used on the backs “where nobody sees it”. They liked to talk about ways to keep costs down.
When I came across Premiere HTS, the difference was obvious from the beginning. Instead of excuses, I started hearing about full leather on all surfaces, and all from the same top grade leathers. You offered to send me samples of the leather and took great pride in describing the quality of chairs – from frames to reclining mechanisms, to workmanship, etc. I braced myself for what I thought would be a substantially more expensive chair; however, to my delight, I found that quality didn’t cost that much more! In fact, after receiving the product and sitting in the chairs, I am convinced that these seats will last for years, and that my actual cost over time will be less than if I had settled for what I found in the box stores.
I can’t thank you enough, Michael. It is obvious that your industry knowledge and over 40 years of experience worked to my advantage. You even made the delivery process work out to exceed my expectations! What I can assure you is that I am telling my friends and family about the great customer service I experienced, and about the quality and comfort of your product!

Thank you, Michael!
Best Regards,

Doug Westerhaus | Overland Park, KS

Tammy Shramek

As a Midwest Designer, I was searching for quality theater seating for an upscale project. High grade leather and quality mechanics along with comfort were imperative. I could not source such seating locally or at the market I attended. I ended up running across PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating on the internet. From my first conversation with you, Michael, I realized my search was over. I am so thankful for your expertise in the industry. Your 40 yrs. of experience, honesty and helpfulness were just the beginning of an exceptional experience. The two-tone seating, we designed, receives compliments from clients visiting our model daily. I could not be more satisfied with the seating and working with PremiereHTS. Every step exceeded my expectations and the quality and aesthetics of the seating is absolutely the best available. PremiereHTS, is definitely, the only theater seating company I will deal with and represent in the future and I will happily speak to anyone considering your seating! I am honored to see a photo of our model’s theater featured on your site. Believe me PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating is the best in the industry!


Tammy Shramek

Classic Interiors
Omaha, NE

Francis Endryck

My experience with PremiereHTS Theater Seating has been fantastic! This love seat is my second purchase from Michael. The first purchase was a leather chair and is 3 1/2 years old. It sees my large body daily and is in perfect condition. It has broken in to the point of a cherished ritual in my life. Watching movies or listening to music is a cherished ritual in my retirement.
The second purchase, a love seat, is for a home theater room I just completed. It is perfect for the two of us to enjoy reading, listening or watching. This one is microfiber, a very soft and cozy, suede like fabric.
The real benefit of PremiereHTS is Michael’s expert guidance in the selection process. I have purchased stuff over the internet, and it’s been a NIGHTMARE.
I needed some adjustments on the mechanism for reclining. The factory had a technician there to adjust the chair and assure I was happy. I am planning on a chaise for our next purchase with Michael as I write this! I went to Premiere to buy American, and could not be more satisfied. This company exemplifies what this country was founded on, QUALITY, Honesty, and a willingness to help the customer.

Francis Endryck

Mike Bellott

We have worked with PremiereHTS for over a decade and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Comfort, longevity, and attention to detail are some of the great qualities of your products. We are confident when we recommend your seats to our customers. Your concern for each and every project has shown us that our client’s satisfaction is as important to you as it is to us.

Thank you.


909 University Drive East
College Station, TX 77840
979-268-6010 office

Randy Feemster

After extensive research for products to fill our seating needs, I came upon Premiere Home Theater Seating. To my great surprise, PremiereHTS provides numerous seating styles that do have the comfort and utility of dedicated seating I was looking for.

PremiereHTS CEO/President Michael Laurino was exhaustively h5elpful in learning our specific business model and familiarizing us with their products, quality, configurations, etc. With his help, we were able to choose a significant demonstration package of seating.

Comfort and quality must be mentioned. The quality of materials are a feast for the eyes, but once seated, there is that perfect balance of firm support yet caress from the leather, the various cushioning, and solid feel of the construction. Indeed, examination reveals solid hardwoods and rugged mechanisms and motors.
In summary, PremiereHTS provides a unique combination of high quality product and service that any, customer, AV designer/integrator would be wise to consider.

Randy Feemster President/Owner
Cinema-Pro Home Theatre, LLC
Tucson, Arizona

Mark Profitt

“We have worked exclusively with PremiereHTS Theater Seating since 2003 and have many satisfied clients that rave about the quality, style, and comfort of their seating. In our opinion, PremiereHTS theater seating is the best value in the industry.”

Mark Profitt
AVID / Lexington, Kentucky

Russ Vukonich

I want to sound professional but not be the same old Testimonial for PremiereHTS because they are not a typical company nor is their seating.
Rather I want to say, I have done business with them for over 15 years, nothing is ever perfect but PremiereHTS is a Company that consistently reflects good old fashioned customer service. Plain and simple. Even when a Dealer of Customer makes a mistake, PremiereHTS does everything possible to make it right. I display their seating in our Showroom and the leathers are as gorgeous as the day we got them 4 years ago. They have been sat on, jumped on and tested by adults and kids for client demo’s, Theater Nights for employee’s families and company meetings. The chairs are solid. Product aside, it’s the effort of PremiereHTS staff though that makes the difference from the many other Seating companies out there. We have sold other chairs at client request and none of those sales have ever gone as smoothly as a typical PremiereHTS sale. From order to white glove delivery, they are tops. What more can you say.
I welcome any customer or potential dealer to contact me personally on this testimonial.


Russ Vukonich – Eyehear

Director of Sales & Marketing
Office: 406.752-3536

“I bought a leather 2-seat theater recliner from Premiere and the quality of the leather and manufacturing is outstanding. I have owned the unit for about a year and it has held up so well against 7 grandkids and my dogs. It still looks brand new. Amazing quality. I highly recommend Premier and will buy from them again.”

William O’Keefe Sierra Air

Reno, Nevada

Customer Comments

I am very happy with the after sales service I received from PremiereHTS. I contacted Michael several years after my purchase regarding a missing part for one of my chairs and the part was sent quickly and without any additional charge. I am confident that I can count on Michael and PremiereHTS for the life of my chairs.

Jason, Canada

Hi Michael, received my seats on 5/16/12. Great seats and delivery company did a great job. (Sun Delivery)
It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Albert, NJ

And it is magnificent! Thank you Michael, and everyone else involved in righting our furniture delivery disaster.

Every piece is exquisite and impeccably made. Ted and I greatly appreciate your integrity and prompt action in this matter. We will recommend you and your furniture to everyone in the future.

Thank you so much!

Hannah and Ted

In our opinion, Premiere products are best in the industry in theater seating. We initially experienced their comfort when we constructed our home theater in a house we had built several years ago. We enjoyed them so much that when we started construction on our new home in California, we knew they would be part of our plans. Dealing with Premier HTS has been easy and enjoyable and I recommend them highly.



Awesome chair. I can so much appreciate the time effort and labor involved in manufacturing this chair and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

God bless you,


“We have had our 2 chairs and loveseat with chaise for a couple weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and beauty of this furniture!We decided on the Series lll Del Rey, but wanted a loveseat with a chaise on one side. They custom built what we were looking for with no hesitation. I am so happy with how it turned out!!We had to wait a bit longer to receive our furniture due to the pandemic but it was 100% worth it. Premiere HTS had to absorb extra costs to build and ship due to the pandemic, but didn’t not pass any of those costs to me which I really appreciated.

I highly recommend PremiereHTS if you’re looking for the highest quality leather and custom built chairs.”

      Thank you, Bryant & Lanay

      Lake Tahoe, California


The Landmark II’s arrived, look beautiful and operate smoothly. All appears well. Thanks for getting the chairs delivered immediately upon receiving in my area.

These seats exceeded my expectations. The quality and thickness of the leather is superb. The fit, form and stitching are immaculate.

Bargain theater seats can be found anywhere, but if you want a top-drawer product, you found the right place, PremiereHTS!

Mel H
Carson City, NV

I just wanted to let you know that the chairs are installed and being well loved. They are perfect. I love the shape and leather selected. Thank you again for your help with this order.


The chairs are nothing short of terrific. We feel as though we are flying Business Class in our own home. More importantly, from a consumer point of view, you and Michael had made the whole process painless for us from the starting point of selecting chairs to that of providing us a full range of leathers to use for selection.

Joe and Daisy, PA

These are the most comfortable chair’s I have sat in compared to others at the box stores. (I am more alert during the viewing of a TV show or movie.)

They may offer other bells and gimmicks but the chairs comfort and quality is most important to me.

David Y, FL

I had been researching replacement of 12-year old Berkline theater recliners for about six months. My spec priority was for high-quality, comfortable chairs with upper-grade leather. I explored several options, both local and online, before selecting PremierHTS. All the other options came with horror stories of severe quality issues on imported chairs, low-quality leathers and abandonment by the retailer and/or manufacturer. After researching PremiereHTS and talking to Michael, I selected Landmark chairs with a Grade 4 leather.

Paying 100% up front gave me pause, but PremiereHTS has been in business a long time so I felt reasonably confident of a good outcome. Communication from Michael was good during ordering, manufacturing and shipping.

I’ve had my new chairs for six weeks and couldn’t be more pleased. The leather is butter-soft, thick but supple with nice grain, no imperfections and good upholstering. The chairs are super comfortable. I was concerned that the chairs didn’t have a motorized headrest as I’m 6’ 1” tall and most chairs don’t provide adequate head support for forward screen viewing when reclined. The Landmark chairs, however, have a manually adjustable headrest which can be positioned to provide just the right support and head angle.

One of the chairs did not recline when it was delivered. A quick look at the underside revealed a cable that had been abraded during shipping (the chair leather had been well protected during shipping, but the bottom was open). I sent a pic to Michael and he had the factory send me an entire replacement motor assembly. He offered to have a local company install it, but I replaced it myself in about 10 minutes. All is well now.

I highly recommend PremiereHTS.

Mark S Atlanta, GA


“Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!”

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