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When it comes to customization, nobody does it like PremiereHTS. Not a list of, “bells and whistles,” but practical additons that enhance the comfort experience. All chairs are motorized and the option of two to three motors give you total control. Also, all our seating is made to the highest standard of Quality, Comfort and reliability. We do not make a line of, “Good, Better, Best,” seats, all are using the finest materials and meet our high-performance demands.


How to Order Accessories...

All of our accessories like the, Theater Arm and Top Selling, Swivel Table Tray will work with any other seating. Check the requirements below to make sure that our table will fit your existing cup holder. Contact me directly and see how easy and affordable these items are. I offer an opportunity for you do buy, Factory Direct, and most times they are in stock. There are a few way to proceed, either a call to the office number, 406-322-2000 or text me at; 208-544-4150

Check out each item below for more details or send me a Contact Form if you have more questions….

Empire with optional arm


All PremiereHTS seating includers power incline for complete position control and ease of operation with the touch of a button. Pictured here is our Series lll recliners, you gain a Power Tilt Headrest and all 12 of our recliners can add an additional Power Lift Lumbar.

What is different about our Lumbar Lift support and even our Power Tile Headrest is the Patent-Pending design. Not like the inferior mechanisms or approach of the so-called competition that use air blatters that slowly loose their support. Our head and lower lumbar sections are a fully motorized section. Once placed in the postion you determine, they stay fixed and are locked in.


Choose your Cup Holder colors, Satin Silver, Gloss Black or Hammered Antique Bronze, and Swivel Tray tables (your existing cup holder must be 3 5/8 internal diameter to receive our table tray). The trays are 12″ x 20″ overall dimension in a teardrop/oval shape. You may be able to replace your existing cup holder with one of ours with a little effort.

Check out more info at; ACCESSORIES/category/swivel-table/#swivel-tables | PremiereHTS | Home Theater Seating

Another critical dimension is the space between the top of your seat cushion and the top of your arm rest. I would suggest that there be 6″ or 7″ inches clearance so you comfortably fit under the tray as it swings over your lap area.

All chairs include motorization, optional decorative nail heads on selected models, rechargeable battery packs where an electrical outlet may not be available and our proprietary Theater Arm to convert your sofa or love seat into targeted individual Theater Seating.

Removable Theater Arm

Our Theater Arm

 One of the most successful and Unique items we have designed is the Theater Arm. There have been several imitations, but none will stand next to the Quality, workmanship and stability of our Arm. Like the Keel on a saleboat, you can see the how this unserts easily into any couch, loveseat or sofa you alreay own. Not visible here is the cup holder on top that is syandard with all arms.

The weight is enough to keep it from rocking back and forth and the keel also keeps it well positioned. We offer hundreds of thelathers and three different cup holders also shown on our site. 

Take your couch into a new entertainment enviroment when the guys show up to enjoy a football game or the kids are watching their favorite movies. No more complaining that, “he’s touching me, Dad!!

Console Storage Arms

 Now available on selected models, you can choose from 8 different dividing console arms. Standard arms are either straight or wedged. Pictured here are the New Storage Consoles with options for cup holders or not. In the larger straight and wedged consoles, you can eliminate the cup holders and have a small, fixed table tray. With the smaller narrow arms, you can choose one or two cup holder as pictured or eliminate them altogether.

All dimensions and configurations can be seen with each style in the Style Tab dropdown along the Home Page. Below each style pictured you can see a Button/Specs that are links to the PDF drawing for each.

Optional Arm styles for Empire & Royale

Pictured here below is a selection of arms that will work for the EMPIRE and the ROYALE, both Series III models. There are optional legs and colors that are interchangable, plus some configuration suggestions, See Below. 

As you can see, these pictures show the Power Tilt Headrest design, and include the full recline feature. You can also add the optional Power Lumbar support. The chairs below shows the rounded waterfall chaise and the other two show the boxed chaise style. Both feature the full extended seat cushion.

The Nail Head options are also displayed, but a closer look can be seen at the bottom of this page as each accessory is in more detail.

Additional Acessories...

Along with the items above, here is a little more detail and a few other items that may enhance your seating experience. If these descriptions below don’t answer all your questions, feel free to contact me with your question and I will respond personally.


Swivel Table Trays

Nail Heads

Battery Packs

Cup Holders

Wood Finishes

Theater Arms

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