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Buzz Words or Honest descriptions?

When I search, Home Theare Seating as the main phrase or search parameter, what appears? First you must know that the first three or four listed products or companies pay an exorbitated, “Click Fee.” Known as “Cost Per Click,” or simplified as, “CPC,” believe me there is a huge price tag on this phrase. When I started PremiereHTS back in 1998 as one of the first, if not the pioneer of this category, I remember paying .50 cents a click. Would you believe me if I told you for that phrase today it runs between $5.25-$7.00 per every time someone click on their page. You may look at their site for a few seconds or a minute and they are charged this ridiculous fee. After a hundred clicks and no sales, you can image the cost!

So, you have about 20-30 seconds to capture someone’s attention. SALE! BEST in CLASS! LUXURY! And on and on you go. For many, many years we sat on top of that search phrase. Today, we have fallen far behind page one, two and even three and as they say in the internet sales business, “Company go to die after page three!” Usually, people give up after the first page or two and get hooked or fooled by pretty pictures, false statements or promises. Dig deeper and you will find some real gems, small companies working hard for your business. I would hoe that when you find this article you would reconsider the way you search for anything.

I depend much more on references, reviews, testimonies and real people who have submitted their experiences and willing to share them. Be careful of some magazine reviews as they too are indirectly paid for by the companies who advertise the most with them. Spend some money in ads and get great press!

I Challege you to search under a more specific title by adding a phrase like; “How to, or Can I, or “Where can I buy, ” You will get direct to more information that you might be looking for. There are over 22,000 search request per month for “Home Theater Seating.” Give it a tray and see if that helps deliver the information you need.