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Your opportunity to Buy Direct from the Manufacturer!

Wait? What? That’s True? YES, you now have the opportunity to work directly with me, the owner/designer and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating. What Changed?

What changed is the market. For over 27 years, we have built one of the highest acclaimed and reviewed line of Home Theater Seating, Made In the USA, that was sold exclusively to a wholesale market of dealers, designers, retailers and integrators. What changed was most have closed their retail showrooms, retired and or totally changed their market approach. Everyone now searches the internet for bargains and without the showrooms in their local market, they are forced to seek other avenues for purchasing.

Sellina full room high front

For the last few years, the Covid interruption also destroyed retail. Brick and mortar storefronts have been closing at record levels, leaving us with few opportunities to showcase our seating. Sure, there are just a few locations left from our original 150-200 Audio/Video showrooms, but more and more our business is driven by consumers finding us on-line and calling us direct. When asked, “Where can I go see your seating?” There isn’t anyone near them, nor are any of the other inferior, offshore product anywhere either. So now the gamble is, “buy Cheap and take a chance!” I felt it was time to pursue a more direct opportunity to serious buyers to allow them to afford the “Best in Class” at a more affordable price point.

Our website is the most informative vehicle available to you to dig deep and do serious research on your important investment. Sadley, when I speak to many clients from our website, they have overspent on the entire Home Theater Package and seating becomes an afterthought. So, with little budget left, the alternative is cheap seats!! How can you differentiate the cheap imitations form the real deal? Do Your Homework!!

What usually is impossible to find on the other websites are the specifics that make all the difference. Most not even buried on their site, just not mentioned at all. Like What? Materials used to manufacture the entire chair. Confusing terms like; Leather Matched, Faux Leather, Bonded Leather, etc. I have posted over 8 short videos on our About Page dropdown that will walk you through the entire build process. What is under that upholstery is very critical and how the company stands behind it. A 90 day or 1 Year warranty is insane! I don’t care how cheap they offer you, is it logical to buy again in a few years or purchase quality that could last a lifetime? We stand behind our product longer than anyone else!

Landmark II

In closing, I am the one who will return your call, the owner, not a “bot” or chat response, but my personal call willing to work with you from start to finish! You can take my word, but just go check out what 27 years of Testimonies, Reviews, and Gallery pictures and comments from satisfied buyers, some even purchasing their second theater for their new home. I challenge you to contact me and I will work up a design, style and configuration at a direct price that may surprise you!