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Do people still build Home Theaters?

I have been asked many times if people are still building dedicated home theaters. In the past decade, the market trends have changed radically. Lifestyles have changed drastically and the Milennials (1981 – 1996) and Gen Z (1997 – 2012) group of up-and-coming adults have totally different needs and wants. Boomers (1949 – 1964) and Gen X (1965 – 1980) adults have been our customers for decades, but something has changed. I kiddingly say; “My customers are somewhere between 65 and death!” Maybe not so wrong.

The “Baby Boomers” of the 1948-1964 birth explosion, have driven consumer products now for many decades. From childhood to the teen years and into young adulthood and beyond, the 77 million born through those years have built the US economy. But things have radically changed and dropped off. Large homes, expensive cars, love of music and the stereo equipment that reproduced it became a necessity. Soon after the Rock-and-Roll years, surround sound, big screen TV, and audiophile reproductions beyond vinyl records pushed the envelope. Digital everything changed the landscape.

So back to the questions… “Is Dedicated Home Theater Dead or Alive? As a manufacturer of Home Theater Seating, it definitely has evolved into something quite different. I launched Premiere Home Theater Seating in 1997. Imitating the Theater Experience and building that dedicated room, has begun to slip away. First of all, this new economy and home ownership near impossibility has shrunk or become far beyond the dream of owning a home. The entertainment room is now the all-purpose living, dining, kitchen open concept, apartment/condo compartment! But do you have to give up on the seating quality, comfort and performance of what was the Home Theater recliner? NO!

What you must pay attention to is that “You get what you paid for!” The long-ago American furniture manufacturers are gone. We have chosen price over quality. Stay with 100% All American Made seating and you will experience a lifetime of comfort and quality. At PremiereHTS we have spent over 27 years hand making heirloom furniture. Our legacy dates back over three generations and 80 years doing what we do. So, what are your options?

We have designed sofas. couches, loveseats, sectionals and dedicated targeted seating to fit any style and any configuration. We build to your specifications and offer 100’s of styles, fabrics, leathers and accessories to complete your entertainment needs.