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As I peruse the internet and all the Home Theater Groups and Forums, I continually read questions for help in making a purchasing decision. Unfortunately, there are more comedians and mockers than helpful hints. We all have opinions, but what it seems like, most are looking for is help in making an intelligent decision. One thing is sure, there are a lot of charlatans out there and inferior, misrepresented products to get hooked into. When I jump in as a veteran for over 50 years in this A/V Home Theater Industry, I am accused of being a troll or making a sales pitch. Since I am one of the founding companies in the Home Theater Seating category, I surely want to make our products visible and available to those looking for a quality, American made, affordable option. But I do understand their skepticism. So here is a department of sorts or an opportunity for those who have had a bad experience and paid a high price for their mistake. So, let’s call this the, “Complaint Department,” or a place to vent over what they went through for believing what some company said on their website, or didn’t say!

If there is a common complaint or experience, it is that their website was not clear, honest or misrepresented their policy, or were unclear about where they were made, and especially the lack of explanation of their warranty. And customer service seems to be lacking on the part of most of these, “importing companies! Oh Yeah, there are but a very few left who truly manufacture here in the USA!

I will step aside and let you hear their stories….

We turned to the usual furniture stores in town, then to the specialty home theater stores in town, then small specialty shops and nothing except frustration.  All cheap leather, poor comfort, hefty prices and gimmicky lights underneath them.

Josh Foerschler | Overland Park. KS


I searched the internet for high quality seating after looking at theater seats around Kansas City in furniture and audio stores. I was disappointed in the quality of seating I saw in stores around here and just couldn’t accept that as being the only available alternative. I have learned in my life that there is not that much price difference between good and poor-quality products or services. In fact, it is my experience that poor quality almost always costs more!
In my search, I also spoke with several internet outlets that specialize in theater seats and heard dazzling presentations that skirted around the tougher questions I asked. I was interested in finding seats that were made with high quality leather – not just on the part of the seat where your body touches, but on all surfaces of the chair. I wanted to know if the frame was made of hardwood and whether the reclining mechanism was warranted. It was interesting that I heard a lot about split leather and leather-like material used on the backs “where nobody sees it”. They liked to talk about ways to keep costs down.

Doug Westerhaus | Overland Park, KS

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Found on the Better Business Bureau website…

Customers letters of complaint

1) I purchased 6 stadium seats from 4seating. There were several issues with functionality. I contacted customer support (CS) on 11/8/22 and provided documentation and photos (order number ******). CS said they needed to follow up with **********. I have contacted them many times since (most recently on 1/11/23 and 2/18/23, but they are no longer responding). I paid thousands for these chairs and expect them to operate as advertised. The company needs to send one replacement chair that properly reclines and vibrates. I have provided them with detailed photos and hope they will be more responsive to you. I appreciate any help you can provide! If I could leave no stars, I would. Don’t bother paying the upgrade for 100% Leather. Their ***** made chairs are made with cheap Bonded Leather, not pure leather (as we were sold). Once the finish starts to peal, they tell you that this is typical wear for real leather. They are just not being truthful. My chairs are going into the garbage because they are unsightly in my Great Room where I have real 100% leather sofas. I actually have recliners in other rooms that are 3 years older, made with real leather and vinyl match (back and sides), that still look new compared to the garbage sold by Octane Seating. When we initially emailed the company to complain to the manager that we bought the chairs from, we were told he passed away. That was truly sad to hear because he was a nice man. But buyers need to know what materials this company really uses to make their cheap theater chairs. If you see positive reviews, its only because their purchase was recent. The leather will start to breakdown when its too late to get any financial restitution or help from the BBB.

2) DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEATERSEATSTORE.COM!!!! I purchased a sectional on 4/6/21 for $4,628.00 and was told the furniture would arrive in ***** weeks. The furniture finally arrived five months later on 9/15/21. Just over two years later, the furniture is coming apart at the seams . . . literally! The wires inside the arm of one of the chairs has come lose and the *** port no longer works. The cheap leather (not cheap in cost, ************) has begun to wear. This furniture is definitely not top quality or even decent quality. I called TheaterSeatStore and they told me that’s too bad, contact the warranty company. I contacted the warranty company *************** LLC) and made a mistake filling out a claim because there was no place on the form for more than one date since noting the defect. I mistakenly listed a date past the 15-day limit (I have a 5-Year Warranty, but you must file within 15 days of noticing the defect) for one item. The other two items that were damaged I wasn’t able to put a date for them or update the date I originally put on the form. I called Uniters to explain what happened and they told me that since I filled out a date past the 15-day limit, all three of my items I was claiming are denied and refused to change their stance, even though the other two items were reported within the 15-day period. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the person that answered didn’t care about my situation. I asked to speak to his boss and was given an invalid email address. In my opinion, TheaterSeatStore isn’t worth doing business with if they won’t stand behind their product and deliver sub-quality merchandise. I’ve never had furniture that fell apart after just two years of use before!

3) Do not order from this company, HTMarket. You will regret it. They charged me 1600.00 for home theater seats that arrived damaged/defective. They told me I could return if I was unhappy upon ordering and when I decided to do that, they wanted to charge me a 25% re-stock fee as well as return freight. They wanted nearly 700.00 to return after telling me I could return with no stipulations. Buyer Beware!! I have disputed this with Paypal, as well as the BBB and filed paperwork with the Chicago attorney general. This company will rip you off!!

4) On 10/25 *********************, Sales representative for 4seating provided a quote. When asked if I should wait for prices to drop, he guaranteed that it was the lowest price even for November and December 2023. So, I went ahead and purchased it. Within a few weeks, even before my sofa was delivered, a new sale reduced the price further. **** and his management refused to honor their guarantee and did not provide a price difference. I do not think they know what guarantee means. Hoping the product (not yet delivered) works well, else I have very little hope of resolution with this company. Sanket P 1 star11/14/2023

5) I’ve left 1 review in my entire life until having to deal with 4seating.com. I don’t know where to start, either the customer service rep who is apparently in charge or all escalations, including of those where the issue is with him. To the complete and utter lack of empathy a company can have for a family or individual going through a serious medical issue. A family member ordered a chair for a new place, said family member ended up in the hospital for over a month including several stays in the **** This included him not being able to speak, and the only response that we could get is hand squeezes and occasional head gestures. When we learned he ordered this chair I contacted 4seating.com, explained the situation and was told not only would they not fully waive the restocking fee that we would be charged hundreds in delivery fees, all said almost $700 in random fees. Completely shocked at this since every where else we had ordered from had not only been apologetic of the situation that our family member was in but offered full refunds with 0 issues or restocking fees. I live close to that family member so I said it’s not worth paying half the price of the chair in fees I would just take it. Not so quickly they charge a redelivery fee, asking why a redelivery fee since it’s never been delivered it was told to me that since we’re changing the address it counts as a redelivery. Again completely confused as to how badly this company operates she calls me back and says they’ll waive that(I mean out of the goodness of their hearts because I live 5 miles from the original address). Then the icing on the cake was calling to get a refund on the white glove delivery charge. ******** service agent said he would have to get confirmation first, I said ok I’ll hold, to which he said it couldn’t be done while I was on hold, I asked why and we went round and round in circles. Asked to talk to a manager and was told he was the only one I could speak to. Brian T 01/16/23

Following the review above there were an addition 32 more like it! 4Seating.com | Reviews | Better Business Bureau® Profile (bbb.org)

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These are just a few of the easily found reviews and or complaints on the internet. The Better Business Bureau is a source for finding truth and experience from real customers. The other great place for finding out what people have had to go through on all types of Home Theater products, check out a lot of the Groups like Home Theater Enthusiasts on Facebook; Home Theater Enthusiasts | Facebook and others like: Home Theater on Your Budget | Facebook There are many enthusiasts willing to share their testimonies and experiences. You can contact me directly and I am always available to share my experience over these 50 years.