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How did we ever get to the point that we would accept inferior quality goods or cheap, throw-a-way products?

I grew up in the mid 50’s thru the later 60’s and the world was a whole lot different. We grew up wanting the best that we could achieve, afford and desire. American Made was all we knew. As a matter of fact, as the first cheap merchandise arrived in America, you wouldn’t be caught dead with anything labeled, “Made in Japan!” As a kid, you mocked anyone caught dead with that product.

The names and brands we dreamed of were, Schwinn Bicycles, Levi Jeans, Coke, Ked’s Sneakers, Ford, Chevy, GM, and the list goes on and on. Appliances from Maytag, Westinghouse, General Electric, and every product we bought would last for years.

I started PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating nearly 30 years ago. When I developed this category of products for the Audio/Video market and audiophile enthusiast, I knew whatever we produced would have to be of highest quality. With this new venture and as one of the pioneers in this category, it was hard to sell our idea to American Furniture manufacturers. Off-Shore wasn’t even a consideration. In the mid to late 90’s no one was making furniture for America and none could have competed with the history and quality American Furniture manufacturers were offering. Shipping cost across the oceans and even trying to compete with the old well established furniture names would have been impossible. But…

Along comes the Market Crash in 2008 and many American Factories went bankrupt. Some of the furniture manufacturers were already sourcing components, labor and cheaper materials shipped to America and final assembly happened here so as to call it, “American Made.” Once the American factory closed, the Chinese factory bought the assets, designs, names, websites, etc., and began “knocking off,” what they were already learning and supply to America. Cutting corners, cheap labor, inferior materials, “Fake or FAUX leathers,” and off they went. “Buyer be BARE!’ Now what?

We were already enjoying a few years with a few different furniture manufacturers that we partnered with to build our brand seating. But they too were starting to build in China and as all of them did, when the Market Crashed, some filed bankruptcy and we were forced to find a committed American manufacturer to take on our entire line. Thankfully, we found our current partners and are enjoying 25 years of great quality and success.

I am still amazed here in 2023 that I receive calls from clients building, “State of the Art,” Home Theaters, and telling me they have found some really cheap deals! Yet will spend tens and even hundreds of thousand of dollars on all components, lighting, cosmetics, acoustics, projection, etc., and settle for CHEAP SEATS! Seating for Home Cinema, is as important as anything when you consider you will sit in that recliner for hours an if it isn’t well made, comfortable or the quality is another “Throw away piece of junk,” Then what?

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after thesweetness of low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin. Franklin 

We all know all the old saying. “Pay me now… or pay me later.“Nobody was ever sorry for Buying the BEST!” or probably the best know, “You get what you paid for!”

Happy Shopping… But do your Homework.