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In today’s market, we consumers are more conscience of where and how our products are made. We demand quality when affordable and rarely will chose anything just based on price. Ben Franklin once said, “The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten.”  We like to say, “You get what you pay for.”  So when we decided to launch Premiere Home Theater Seating over 25 years ago, no European, no Asian, no South of the Border manufacturing was considered. We were convinced we could build state-of-the-art Theater Seating, control overhead and the distribution channel and compete with the knock-off furniture from the third world. 

How did we do it and what do we offer? There is a complete set of videos on the PremiereHTS web site that will walk you through the process, but I will try and simply put together here, the bullet points and highlights.

Manufactured in our privately held, 250,000 square foot facility in Southern California, each of our exclusive incliners are designed, manufactured and assembled by hand. Our team consist of leather artisans, furniture craftsmen, designers and partner American manufactures with long histories in their specific trade of expertise. Our wood facility is unique in that most others will job out the structural frames and cut corners with inferior materials, poor assembly techniques, without concern for longevity or integrity, NOT PremiereHTS!

Once the frame moves to the next phase, the insertion of the industries finest mechanisms by, Leggett & Platt™, with over 138 years of history and acclaimed recognition is secured into the wood assembly. The chair is taking shape and the next phase is to pad the entire skeleton to insure comfort and support. Cross springs supports under each three layered, memory foam seat cushion and Dacron wrapping for adder comfort are assembled.

Once completely cushioned, the final upholstery takes place, but not until the Italian leathers have been hand selected, matched and cut to specific patterns, computerized for optimization of each hide. This will remove any imperfections, scars, or unusable areas of the hide. Once each pattern is complete, our highly skilled seamstresses, with years of experience, using only the finest German machines, bring the pattern to full completion.

Each section of the chair is now passed onto the upholstery teams, applying each section of the chair by hand, assuring the tight, beautiful finished look and feel of each product. Then it is finally ready for the inspection and test phase. Each group is connected, aligned and tested both mechanically, structurally and visually.

What sets PremiereHTS apart from the rest? Our commitment that says, “We will not sell any product that we ourselves would not be proud to own and put the PremiereHTS name on.” With over 80 years and three generations of furniture expertise and 47+ years honored in the Audio/Video Home Theater Seating category, we are not about to venture outside of that reputation. Our motto is, “Nobody was ever Sorry for buying the BEST!”