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Our Swivel Tray Tables are Voted #1

Thank you to all who have contacted us concerning our unique swivel Tray Tables. While searching for this accessory, many have contacted us and recognize the quality and difference between ours and the competition. Using real fine finished wood and a beautifully finished aluminum cup holder, the quality is second to none. Please read the specifications need to fit your existing cup holder. Full brochure at Best-Swivel-Tray-PDF.pdf (premierehts.com).

Home Theater Seating Cup Holders

Assuming you have found our tray by searching Google or another search engine, you should have landed at our, “Acessories Page” (Accessories | Home Theater Seating I PremiereHTS) concerning the specific sizes needed to accept our tray.

Cup Holders & SWIVEL TRAY Table

Choose your Cup Holder colors, Satin Silver, Gloss Black or Hammered Antique Bronze, and Swivel Tray tables (your existing cup holder must be 3 5/8 internal diameter to receive our table tray). The trays are 12″ x 20″ overall dimension in a teardrop/oval shape. It may be possible with a little effort to replace your existing cup holder and install one of ours, also available for separate purchase.

Another critical dimension is the space between the top of your seat cushion and the top of your arm rest. I would suggest that there be 6″ or 7″ inches clearance so you comfortably fit under the tray as it swings over your lap area.

Available in Satin Espresso or Dark Walnut, with one of the three cup holders available. The best of all is that our tray tables have their cup holder as the pivot point of your cup so as not to spill or knock it off when in motion. Other companies have you sacrifice your existing cup holder because their plastic tray swivels over the top of your cup holder and no cup holder exist on their tray to replace it.