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Let the People Speak

When it comes to bragging about the Best Home Theater Seating, who do you trust? Every Theater Seating company will tell you they are the, “BEST,” or “Voted Number 1,” or post a list of short comment, reviews or accolades followed by initials or two first names saying, “We love our seating!” Do you question them? Do you believe them?

Today it is nearly impossible to trust any posted review of anything! When you search their websites and look for some important information like, warranty, where are their chairs manufactured, what materials are used, or finding a real person to talk to. In my 25 years of experience as owner, designer and pioneer of PremiereHTS in this category, I continue to challenge my competitors to honesty post this information. I challenge potential customers who contact me to do the same before making this important investment. My favorite sayings have been the same for 25 years.

“Nobody was ever Sorry for Buying the BEST! ” And the other more famous quote is; “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the. sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin. Franklin 

We have added real clients remarks who have gladly and proudly volunteered to send their room pictures and testimonies of not just the quality and satisfaction of their new seating, but the overall honesty and service we provided through the whole process.

Here is one of the latest rooms we completed. As you can see, the dedicated theater isn’t all we do. Today the entertainment center may be your Livingroom or den. Our clientele over the years continually evolves. Yet we still build very sophisticated theaters.

LaReina II

We have a new section or webpage that features a collection of this year’s additions and last year’s winners. Each of the posts include their comments and a few pictures of their rooms. Designers, Dealers and direct customers all are excited to share their rooms. Click on this link; https://www.premierehts.com/featured-theaters/ for a full selection of some great rooms and comments. If all the other seating you find during your search for Home Theater Seating all look the same, that’s because there is one Mega Factory off-shore building the same quality and designs for all these other imitations. When you contact PremiereHTS, it will be me personally responding to you. That’s my Promise!