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Buy at a wholesale price!

Yes, after 27 years of selling Home Theater Seating exclusively through our dealer/designer network, we are now offering you the opportunity to Buy Direct! WHY? Sadly, the market has taken a radical change and many or most of our long time dealers have closed up shop. The buyers have also changed as lifestyle do not afford the up and coming new buyers to afford, desire or have the homes that can accommodate this. Many homes today share the family/living room as their total entertainment room. But we have always offered the highest quality, most comfortable leather seating in both targeted seats and entertainment sectionals, made 100% in the USA!

No longer will you find fine furniture “Made in America,” especially 100% leather. Oh, you will read the false statements and claims of both where they are manufactured and with what upholstery FAKE or Faux leather they use. Also, try and find the guarantee or warranty printed on their website.

Take the PremiereHTS Challenge! Drill through the collection of search words on the internet, especially, “Home Theater Seating,” and see if you can find one of the two or three true American Made Theater Seating. Now, try and buy factory direct or even a dealer who can sell you without their extreme mark up! The only ones still left can’t afford the, “Pay per Click,” fee on the Google search engine game. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it is a fee or bid you make to pay each time someone clicks on your website, The more popular the term, the higher the bid. Guess how much it cost per click for, “Home Theater Seating?” Between $5 and $7 per click. Not if they buy, but if they click and take a few second look at their site!! When I started this company it was about .50 to .75 cents per click. We were the pioneers of this category back in 1997! So, like my company, the SEO game buries us pages back where most companies go to die!

It will cost nothing to Contact Us and speak directly to me, the CEO, owner and founder of PremiereHTS. Something else you will never experience from all the distributed off-shore seating companies. If you cant speak to a real person now, try getting someone to help later!

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the. sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin. Franklin