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Fabric Options

Our fabrics are hand-selected to reflect current and upcoming color and design trends. Whether it’s a subtle paisley print or a fashionable tweed, our fabrics exude luxury through its stylish details and its high-end materials. One of the most popular fabrics in our line is Softouch/CineSuede. This durable stain resistant suede like material has been the number one seller in the theater room environment. Each fabrics is coded for stain resistance, durability and wear. We also offer C.O.M. (customers own material) to allow for you and your designer to choose exactly the material that might better match your decor. We require a sample to test to make sure of its quality and durability to assure a long lasting satisfaction of your furniture. With hundreds to choose from, we are confident you will find what you are looking for and will supply samples for your approval. Color represented is approximate and not proportional to one another, sample swatches available.

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Star Trellis

Product Details

Fiber: 100% STAINMASTER® Nylon

Pattern Repeat: 6″ x 9″

Width: 13’6″

Backing: Actionbac®

Country of Origin: USA


Size Code Size Shape
W 13’6″ Broadloom

Specifications & Warranties

Using only the highest quality yarns, injection dye processes, and innovative backing systems, Joy’s products deliver outstanding performance in residential to heavy commercial environments. We stand behind our products with comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer service.


Carpet is a long‐term investment and deserves an appropriate maintenance program to protect its appearance. Preserve the beauty of your carpet and maintain a healthy indoor environment by following the simple instructions in our Carpet Care & Cleaning Guide.


The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus® Certification is an independent test that measures VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions in carpet. Carpet certified as Green Label Plus® exceeds the most stringent Indoor Air Quality standards and is best suited for living, working, and learning environments
Home Theater Seating Ideas

Bring Theater Home…

If you have searched the internet for, “Home Theater Seating”, or just, “Home Theaters,” you have been overwhelmed with example after example of dedicated home theaters. Many of these listings are “Paid Advertisers.” They are trying to sell you what you probably are not looking for. There is a plethora of beautiful spaces to see, designer fabrications and well-appointed fabric covered walls, theater trim accessories, rows of stunning seats arrayed in tiers facing a giant professional screen. The common man looks with a covetous heart! But does it have to break the bank?

As a 40-year veteran of the A/V industry (https://www.premierehts.com/about/), I can tell you these rooms are more and more becoming a necessity rather than a luxury! Creating the ultimate movie-watching experience at home is more affordable and makes more sense than packing the family in the car and dealing with crowds, high ticket prices, $8.00 popcorn and someone kicking you in the back!

The public movie theaters are seeing revenues drop along with attendance. The movie industry itself is having the worst box office year in quite some time. New seating, alcohol, sushi/fine dining, vibrating/heated seats, new surround systems, high quality laser projectors, and ticket prices skyrocketing to make up for the low attendance. This still doesn’t solve the bigger issue of cost, crowds, security, etc.!

Sadly, the, “luxury seats,” they offer are not much more than the knock-off recliners you find on so many of the web sites offering, “Cheap Seats!” There are couple loungers, seat-side service and even virtual reality theaters. But still the same old experience.

But, despite all that, people are electing to stay home! Why? You can accomplish everything they are attempting to do right at home at an affordable price. No need for a dedicated high-end room, as they seem to be waning in popularity because of cost or a rarely used space. Many spare bedrooms have been converted to a small media room when available or the old fashion, “Den,” is now more practical and affordable. Friends, family and the daily use of this high traffic location keeps everyone together. Unlike a dedicated room—which is usually a totally separate, closed-off space, typically with a single door and no windows—a media room can be in virtually any room of the house. Now, I am not saying that a beautiful theater in your home isn’t desirable, just might not be attainable by everyone.

Every home can have an entertainment den in the new open-concept floor plans we see. Open now to the kitchen, living room and entrance to the home. Media rooms/dens get used far more often than dedicated rooms, which require viewers to actively get up and relocate themselves to a different isolated location, cut off from communication and awareness of what is going on around the home. Media rooms aren’t mainly for watching movies as the dedicated theater room has been.

You can watch TV, listen to music, play video games, view digital images, and stream content in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The key word here is. “Stream content!” Soon (and already), everything will be available right at home. First run movies, live concerts, sporting events, virtual reality and all at the highest 4K video and Dolby Atmos™ Surround Sound. You will never buy a ‘disc’ again… they won’t let you! Video services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, NFL, NBA, MLB and so many more are there now and soon movie studios will offer every bit of their content to you directly.
Targeted movie recliners may not be the answer in this space, but, couches, love seats, and comfy chairs and entertainment sectionals may be a better solution (https://www.premierehts.com/our-products/#sectionals) —all provide perfect seating options for your family or a group of friends. But again, cheap furniture, like poor quality electronics and speakers will be the death of your entertainment enjoyment and comfort! “Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!”

At its most basic, a media room consists of a relatively large-screen TV—let’s say at least 60+ inches—along with an improved audio experience. A quality multi-channel receiver (Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, etc.), front left and right loudspeakers, center sound bar, surround speakers and of course a sub-woofer.

But for the true movie or music lover, quality sound is what makes this a true live experience! Picture size is great, but I have experience concerts and movies on a somewhat smaller screen but with a substantial sound system, that makes it real! Giant picture and poor sound quality will fail to re-create the director’s emotion and point! It has to be visceral!

And don’t think that having a media room in the middle of the house has to mean having stacks or racks of gear like dad’s old audiophile stereo system and speakers the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. There are high quality options available that can deliver a phenomenal experience with minimal impact on your décor and even wireless speakers to make the installation easy and invisible.

What are you waiting for? Contact a quality integrator, not a Big Box store and get a little professional advice. K.I.S.S… “Keep It Simple Stupid!” I can easily design a tremendous system for under $5,000 that will rival any public theater. Five years ago, that was the cost of the 42” Flat screen! The other great benefits for those who have kids… they will be home, right where you can watch them and their friends!

Michael R Laurino CEO/President PremiereHTS  https://www.premierehts.com

Frequently Asked Questions


After 20+ years of building the top brand in high quality Home Theater Seating, PremiereHTS has heard it all! Let me see if we can’t answer some of your questions here to help you get a jump on making this important decision…

Is there a difference between PremiereHTS and other seating I see on the Web?

It is very difficult to look at pictures of recliners and figure out what separates the cheap imitations from the heirloom quality seating. Like any product you buy… “You get what you pay for!” There are no short cuts to comfort, quality and longevity. Toyota Motor Company has two divisions, Toyota Cars and Lexus Cars… Both are Cars…They are not the same, nor do they cost the same!

The old adage, “Garbage in… Garbage out,” is true in all products. Nobody is losing money or giving anything of quality away. Ben Franklin got it right a long time ago, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Is there a difference in leather quality?

This is one of the biggest differences and cost variations in furniture. The industry allows salesman to use the term, “leather,” quite loosely. Top grain, 100% full new buck hides, is the world’s most luxurious upholstery materials. Soft, supple, aromatic leather is a product that will last a lifetime! It is not cold in the winter and hot in the summer, that is a characteristic of a hide or imitation hide that has been destroyed in the tanning process. If tanned correctly, this breathing hide will adjust to your body temperature and caress you in comfort. Beware of “Leather Matched,” or “Bonded Leather,” or any other slight-of-hand terms. There is an extensive description here if you want to see why PremiereHTS uses only world class European leather. Take some time and watch this educational video about the leathers we use and how world class leather is tanned, https://youtu.be/W05mOo-jorY

It sounds like your seating might be out of my Budget?

Anytime you make a purchase of a high-quality product, you expect to pay more. Why? It will outlast anything made of poor quality and workmanship. If you invest a little more upfront, odds are that you will not be making that same purchase a few years from now. In that case, you will have spent the same or more making two purchases, instead of investing in a product that will last longer, give you more enjoyment and have the backing of a company ready and able to help in the future! Four or five of the oldest and largest furniture manufacturers have gone out of business in the last 7 years, leaving their customers with no one to service their seating. Where will you turn when your cheap seating fails? An advertiser once said… “Pay me now… or pay me later!”

So, how much does your seating Cost?

That is always one of the first question and one that is impossible to answer right up front. While others plaster their “SALES” or “DEALS”, all over the internet, that’s because of their limitations, inferior product quality and off-shore manufacturing!

We do NOT make a, Good, Better, or Best line of product. Everything we make is BEST! We will not compete with low quality, because that is the only way to get LOW Prices! Every component we use is “Best in Class!” There are probably over 1000 configurations, style combos, upholstery options, accessory options, etc., you could choose from. Price is determined once we consult with you on your needs, room, budget and style. All seating is manufactured in the exact same manner. Price will slightly change on size of individual recliners and options only, not cutting on quality of workmanship, materials or comfort! Give us an opportunity to help you with this most important decision. Ask about, Theater-Plus Seating. https://www.premierehts.com/popup/contact-form-2/

I can’t find a dealer in my area to sit in your seating?

This may be one of the most frequently asked questions! In our twenty plus years in the changing retail marketplace, the way the consumer shops today has radically changed. Many of the smaller, high-tech theater retailers have reduced their overhead and become system integrators more than furniture stores. Designers, Theater Builders and Contractors have been our largest clients, supplying seating to their clients. We do 95% of our business today direct with them and direct to you. Our referrals and customer testimonies tell our story better than we can. We can also keep our pricing competitive by eliminating shows, advertising, distributors and Big Box Stores, passing those savings on to you.

Shouldn’t I really sit in one of your seats before I buy?

In the past, that was the big furniture store model. While searching the internet, you have found PremiereHTS and a list of other “Theater Seat stores” selling direct. The industry sells over 75% of these recliners direct without sitting in one. What separates PremiereHTS is 20+ years of delivering the Best seating and never once in our history having anyone wanting to return or being unhappy with their purchase. As a matter of fact, most volunteer their recommendations and testimonials and are more than willing to speak to anyone wanting to purchase PremiereHTS! We build each order to your specific design, color, operation and configuration.

How long will it take to build my seating?

In most cases, with your payment in full (check or wire transfer, NO Credit Cards), we can build within 45-50 days from order. Depending on your location, we can arrange for home delivery and set up anywhere in the continental US within about 10 days from finish production. Our hand delivery team will carry them in, unwrap and set them up for you! The only delays we run into are weather, special order high grade leathers, and Holiday schedules. In some cases, we can rush an order, depending on time of season.

Can I use my own leather or fabric to cover my seating?

We offer what is called, COM or COL, Customers Own Leather or Material (fabric). We require a sample of your upholstery choice to verify its quality to stand up to our high standard and industry wear test. We want to stand behind your seating with our extensive Limited Lifetime Warranty! We have spent many years selecting the highest quality fabrics and leathers, with the largest selection of both that you will find anywhere! https://www.premierehts.com/popup/leathers-read-more/

What is your return Policy?

Since this is your opportunity to buy from the manufacturer and design your seating, we do not accept returns or deposits. This is not mass produced, limited selection furniture. This is custom built to your design, color, model choice and configuration. At the furniture store, where the product is marked up 200% from the manufacturing cost, your deposit is paying for the furniture or you’re buying it right off the sample floor.

We have built this model to sell to you direct, being the manufacturer, or using one of our wholesale representatives if there is one in your local area. We will draw out your room, send out sample leathers or fabrics, prepare Quotes and documentation along the process.

In our 20+ years of selling the Best, we have never disappointed a client. We under promise and over deliver! Everything we build is done in house, by hand, from the ground up, using all-American made components and artisan workmanship. Please read our entire warranty document to see how each component is guaranteed! https://www.premierehts.com/popup/warranty-information/

Our Ultimate Goal!

Thank you for giving PremiereHTS an opportunity to tell Our Story, Our Passion and Our Commitment to building the best Home Theater Seating we know how! As we have said for over 20 years, “Nobody was ever sorry for Buying the BEST!”

Michael Laurino CEO & President    https://www.premierehts.com/


“Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!”