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At its most basic, a media, Cinema or Theater Room, is made up of a comparatively large-screen Monitor, let’s say at least 60+ inches–along with a better audio experience than just a two-channel stereo receiver.  A quality multi-channel A/V receiver, (Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, etc.) front left and right loudspeakers (Paradigm, KLH, Definitive, B&W), center sound bar, surround speakers and of course a sub-woofer, will deliver very good performance.

You can watch broadcast TV, listen to music, play video games, view digital images, and stream content in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  The crucial word here is, “Stream content.”  Shortly, everything will be accessible right in your home.  First run movies, live concerts, sporting events, virtual reality and in the maximum 4K or beyond video and Dolby Atmos™, THX, Surround Sound.  You won’t ever buy a ‘disc’ again… they won’t let you!

What exactly are you waiting for?  I can certainly design a tremendous system for below $10,000 that can rival and surpass any public theater.  Twenty years ago, that was the cost of a 42″ Flat Plasma display!  Another great advantage for those who have kids… they will be home, where you are able to watch them and their friends!

As a 50-year veteran of the A/V business (http://www.premierehts.com/about/), I can tell you that these rooms are more and more becoming a necessity rather than a luxury!  Creating the ultimate movie-watching encounter in your home is more affordable and makes more sense than packing the family in the car and dealing with crowds, high ticket prices, $12.00 popcorn and someone kicking you in the back!

But, despite all that, people are opting to stay home!  Why?  You can accomplish everything they are trying to do right at home at an affordable price.  No need for a committed high-end room, as they appear to be waning in popularity due to price or a rarely used area.  Many spare bedrooms are converted to a small media space when available or the old style, “Den,” is now more practical and affordable.  Friends, family and the daily use of the high traffic location keeps everyone together.  Unlike a dedicated space–which is usually a totally separate, closed-off area, typically with one door and no windows–a media room can be in just about any area of the house. I’m not saying that a gorgeous theater in your house isn’t desirable, just may not be achievable by everyone.

If you’ve searched the web for, “Home Theater Seating”, or just, “Home Theaters,” you probably have been overwhelmed with example after example of dedicated home theaters.  A number of these listings are “Paid Advertisers” They are attempting to sell you what you probably are not searching for.   The common person looks with a covetous heart!  But does it need to break the bank?

But for the true movie or music lover, quality sound is what makes this a true live experience!  Picture size is excellent, but I have experience concerts and films on a somewhat smaller display but with a substantial sound system, that makes it real!  Giant picture and inferior sound quality will neglect to re-create the producer’s emotion and point!  It must be visceral!

Every home can have an entertainment den, because of the brand new open-concept floor plans we see.  Open now to the kitchen, living area and entrance to the home.  Media rooms/dens get used far more often than committed rooms, which require audiences to actively move themselves to a different remote place, cut off from communication and consciousness of what is happening around the house.

Targeted movie recliners might not be the answer in this area, but, couches, love seats, and cozy chairs and entertainment sectionals may be a better solution (http://www.premierehts.com/our-products/#sectionals) –all provide perfect seating selections for your loved ones or a bunch of friends.  But cheap furniture, like poor high-quality speakers and electronics will distract you from your entertainment pleasure and comfort! “Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!” 

And don’t think that having a media room in the middle of the house must mean having stacks or racks of gear like dad’s old audiophile stereo system and speakers that the size of a Refrigerator.  There are high quality choices available that may provide a phenomenal encounter with minimal impact on your décor as well as wireless speakers to make the installation easy and undetectable.

The general-public movie theaters are seeing earnings fall along with attendance.  The movie industry itself is experiencing the worst box office revenue in quite some time.  New chairs, alcohol, sushi/fine dining, vibrating/heated chairs, refreshed surround systems, high quality,excellent laser projectors, and ticket costs skyrocketing to make up for the low attendance.  This still doesn’t fix the bigger issue of cost, crowds, security, etc.!

Sadly, the “luxury seats,” they offer aren’t much more than the knock-off recliners you find on a lot of the web sites that offer, “Cheap Chairs!”   There are loungers, seat-side service and even virtual reality theatres.  But the exact same old experience.

Come Home to Home Theater! Your investment will pay dividends for many years, it may even increase the value of your home when you are ready to move up!

Michael Laurino CEO/President PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating