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Small or large Home Theaters, seating comfort, relaxation and viewing angle are critical for a successful home cinema theater.  The most theater-like experience is really where each person has their own targeted chair, complete with cup holders and/or swivel table tray.

Chair choices range from individual recliners to home entertainment sectionals and may include things like sofas and loveseats, etc.  Chairs may be detachable from one another or connected rows and in nearly any upholstery material that fulfills your desired design scheme.  What is most important is that they are comfortable, reliable and durable.  Most movies, concerts, sporting events and video games last over two hours, and your seats should allow comfort for very long periods.

Leather seating from quality companies like PremiereHTS Home Luxury Cinema Seating offer storage compartments and beverage holders, Swivel Tray Table, USB charging ports, etc. Reclining seats are preferred, both manual and motorized.  They allow custom seat angles and conform to correct viewing angles of the screen from all locations.  Because of this, individual recliners are a popular choice.  The traditional recliner is ideal — big and comfortable having its own footrest. PremiereHTS’ line of MovieLoungers™, like the Savoy II, Landmark II and many other models of recliners, makes for a perfect home theater chair. Now there at Power Tilt Headrests, Power Lift Lumbar and cooling cup holders.

Moving beyond recliners, you’re able to purchase actual theater seating, if the old fashion spring back and seat look of old is your preference.  You may achieve an authentic looking theater but will sacrifice comfort! Luxury Theater or Cinema Seating is high quality and designed for longevity and relaxation, and unlike run of the mill theater seats, could be installed onto to the ground.  This really is a good option when you have tiered or raised flooring as you will want the seat to be straightened and not slip off a tier.

If you’re ready to select theater seats, here are some features you should consider. Depending on your lifestyle, children, pets, high traffic, etc., You might want to consider these options.

Durable and easy to clean Reclines. Maybe leather is not an option for either cost or usage. Check out different materials, but avoid imitation leathers, instead consider a protected microfiber fabric. Vinyl, Bonded leathers, leather matched, are all doomed to fail.

If space is an issue and being to-close to the screen, make sure you consider, incliners because of a back wall and, “no wall clearance.” not to interfere with walls or chairs or other objects close behind. Some recliners may require 14-17 inches to fully recline. An incliner may only take 3-4 inches to fully incline.

If planning your home theater layout, keep in mind that if you are considering powered recliners, you will need to plan for power connections near or under each row of seating.  If you have risers, that makes for easy power access. Solid or concrete floors will require a little more planning to get power to the rows. There are battery back-ups for some recliners like PremiereHTS offers, rechargeable unit if nothing else is available.

Check deep into your internet search, don’t fall for the first advertisers with offers that seem too good to be true, because they usually are! Look for those companies with long, highly acclaimed history, American made, Heirloom quality furniture…

Michael Laurino CEO/President PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating