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What Do Clients say about PHTS?

Like any manufacturer, artist, writer, actor, sport figure, etc., just ask them and they will tell you how great they are and or their products and work. What would you expect them to say? The success of any of these mentioned people in their profession or passion, have succeeded based on exactly that, a Passion for what they do. Companies driven by a founder or CEO usually will drive them to success. Once that person leaves or loses that passion, their product or skill may also fade. So, who can you count on to lead you to a great product? Advertising is the first thing you think of. Maybe a referral, a review or a personal experience with this company or person. But to me the best recommendation comes from an unsolicited, unpaid response. So how can you find that kind of testimony or claim?

A Tested Testimony…

If you search the internet, magazines, Pod Casts, trusted news anchors or any other source that you have had other success following, that takes time and effort to find truth. I laugh today at reviews and testimonies on website that say, “See what our customers say!” Really? I’ve checked out so many of them that say, “Bob and Mary say…” Who the heck is Bob and Mary? Some of these companies write some pretty incredible reviews of themselves. Bob and May who? From where and how to I confirm that review? I know some people do not want their personal contact info, place of residency, etc., exposed. But anyone can post a review on their own website. Check me out on this one.

Come see for Yourself!

Over our 25 years building the finest Home Theater Seating in the Industry, we have received hundreds of proud customers, dealers, designers, builder and integrators, more than happy to give a great review and put their name or company to it. They have sent incredible pictures and even have invited other clients to visit their homes to see what they are so excited about. So, you can peruse our written revies at our Testimony Page, or better yet, go to the Featured Theaters, page and see testimony and pictured rooms. The other galleries on our featured Gallery Page are collections of other rooms, designs and ideas that may spark your interest.