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If there is one question, I hear most every day from people searching the internet for seating, which is, “Where can I sit in your chairs?” I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, who would ever buy a chair without sitting in it? There are many items you could buy on-line that really don’t require a lot of thought. Amazon has proved that they can just about destroy every category of merchandise sold at retail, because most can be bought without touching, seeing, etc. Well, Wayfair, Overstock.com Houzz, Amazon and many others are selling furniture without the buyers sitting in them. But their return rate is higher than you think and isn’t free.

There is one company who charges $49 to deliver most furniture items and another $49 if you would like to return it. That is almost $100 and a waste of a lot of time unpacking and repacking if you hate it. And if you have had the horrible experience of one of these memory foam mattresses-in-a-box, be prepared to nearly kill yourself getting it set up and God forbid you have to return it. You will never get it back in that box! Return policies can get expensive and have bankrupted huge companies, thinking they could handle the loses. One of the biggest disasters was one of the first, Furniture.com, who in Nov 2000 filed for bankruptcy and others in that same space found that the returns and lack of trust of consumers killed their business. Even Amazon failed in this category. Our legendary seating/furniture manufactures from our childhood have also gone bankrupt, Berkline, Barcolounger, Benchcraft and others, leaving their customers with no repair options. Scary thing is, these brand names have been bought by offshore manufactures fooling buyers selling nothing like their old names represented.

So why am I even addressing this question if it is such a disaster? When I have been approached by the aforementioned companies, wanting to act as selling agents to distribute PremiereHTS, they quickly wanted to know what our return policy was… “We have none!” That would baffle them. It might even baffle you. How can you run a business and not have a return policy? Easy, you make world class, best in class, heirloom quality furniture that you back to the Hilt! If you build the best, you never have a problem. If you build product with 80 years of experience behind it, stand behind with the industry’s best warranty, and last for over 40 years in the A/V industry, you better build the best or get out! Our long-time dealers, designers, builders and integrators trust PremiereHTS as a partner in their seating category and rest assure their clients will be thrilled! We do occasionally lose a customer who will not understand being able to sit in their purchase or being asked to pay 100% up front for their design. But I do not build your dream seating, in your selected style, color, fabric or leather and hope you like it. If you walk into any quality showroom, you will pay half up front, which at their mark-up will be near the cost you will pay us to build your custom seating. And, yes, we have never had a customer not love what they receive… NEVER!

And don’t assume that all these theater seating companies selling theater rooms, winky-blinky lights, velvet ropes, movie posters, wall treatments, popcorn machines, ticket booths etc., have any experience in seating or furniture. It is an art! We do seating and seating only! You don’t go to the car mechanic and get your teeth cleaned, do you? Specialists specialize, that’s what we do!

Do yourself a favor, shop around, check out all the junk being imported from third world countries. Do some real research before you buy anything. But don’t listen to me, read the REAL testimonies on our web site. Clients who are willing to speak with you and tell you about their long-time experience with PremiereHTS. The press has awarded PremiereHTS every accolade known to the A/V Home Theater Industry. Want to know more? Contact me directly, you will hear pack from me, not anyone else. I can direct you to a showroom hopefully near you. But if not, I am willing to walk you through the entire process… I can lay out your room, send sample upholstery and direct you to any referral you would like. Come join the PremiereHTS family, you will not be disappointed!

Michael Laurino CEO/President PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating