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I hear the term, “High End” bandied about in all industries. What is, “High End?” Right away, most people would say, “High Priced!” Maybe, but is that the only definition? Does high quality always mean high priced? There is a saying I always use to help you understand pricing. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Ben Franklin got it right. I think of High End as high quality. Many times you are greatly overcharged for low quality. Why, because there are so many people in the chain of manufacturing all the way to sales that each puts in a mark up that drives poor quality near the price of a direct product sale. The, Middleman, is where so much of this price is developed. What if you could buy on a more direct level with the manufacturer or with an agent working with the manufacturer to cut all that mark up and deliver a high quality, “High End,” product o you? Today, many independent smaller companies have been forced to reduce the channel of distribution so as to get their product to a specific clientele looking for great product and know that the old fashion dealers are gone.

Stereo retailer of old, have found that a store front, full of merchandise, employees, overhead, rent, etc., drives up cost and in most cases, the passionate audiophiles who started their businesses can operate direct with a chosen clientele on a, one on one, relationship and design and deliver, High End, at an affordable price. I have found that the difference between the inferior furniture offered by the importers of the same Chinese knock off seating, sold through the Mega Box Stores, come close in price when shopping direct to the manufactures or his local agents.

The biggest illusion is that they are not comparing, “Apples to Apples!” In the furniture world, it is easy to stand a new cheap recliner next to a high quality one, and the hidden materials, workmanship and flaws are easily hidden. You can’t pull back the covers/upholstery and inspect what is under the hood! The covers themselves are one of the biggest lies told by furniture salesmen. Pleather, Naugahyde, Ultra-Leather, Bonded Leather, Leather matched, etc., all scams to fool the consumer. Real leather is magical, beautiful, aromatic and a lifetime investment. Do not be FOOLED! Below that luxurious cover of leather, you need to discover an American made mechanism, highest grade memory foams, real wood construction, artisan craftsmanship and a stamp of quality that can be proudly stood behind.

Should all that cost a little more, a lot more? If this investment last near a lifetime, how many times will you re-purchase that imitation stuff, and never be satisfied, comfortable and paid back for this one time investment? “Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!”

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