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EH Spotlight
Review: Premiere Home Theater Seating Recliners – “One of the best pieces of advice I can give people looking for a great home theater experience is to really consider what they will be planting their rear ends into—think about investing in home theater seating.”

When it comes to seating, we’ve found that the PremiereHTS line practically sells itself. They’ve been specializing in home-theater-intended seating for more than four years now and have a broad selection of styles with enough fabrics and leathers to suit just about any interior or taste. Their latest model, the Landmark ll (starting at $1,995), maintains tradition and establishes the standard, as far as we’re concerned.

Unique Features

The Sequel is a theater recliner seat with several exclusive features that anyone who values comfort and convenience will immediately appreciate. For instance, a clever in-arm storage bin is perfect for storing remotes, gaming controls and programming guides. This compartment is hinged at the back, padded on top and covered in matching material. A swiveling, real burl-walnut food tray makes an ideal place for setting your popcorn or favorite movie snacks. Heck, you could eat whole meals on this baby.

For taller viewers, the leg extension and adjustable back-pillow cushions make this a perfect choice. We’ve also installed several Sequels with the optional motorized recline mechanism (for an additional $400) for our clients who want the ultimate in comfort. It’s obvious that these chairs are made to last. All Premiere models include outstanding construction features like seven layers of computer-cut plywood in high-stress areas for the frames, and three-position steel recliner mechanisms that allow the seats to be placed close to the wall. Solid foam memory-free cushions covered by your choice of top-grain leathers, wear-tested and flame-resistant fabrics, or your own choice of material have quickly made the Sequel one of our best
selling models.

Installation Issues

The great thing about this line of seating is that it doesn’t require extensive installation time. The seats simply push together, side by side, instead of having to be bolted together like other brands.

One tip when buying theater seating is to know the exact room measurements, if possible. This will help determine how many chairs you can fit in a row, whether you’ll need to build a riser for a second or third row, and whether you’ll need chair arms that are straight or angled. If you like the idea of snuggling during a movie, the Sequel, as well as other Premiere models, can be configured into love seats and even sofas. All Premiere dealers are trained to work closely with you and your interior decorator to handle all the details and help you get the most enjoyment possible from your home theater.

The Final Word

Who would have thought that a furniture line would be the hottest product in our home-theater showroom? As a veteran A/V gear-oriented guy, I never would have thought so. But the comfort, style and—best yet—the affordability of this product has been overwhelming and continue to reinforce the notion that home theater is all about having a great experience. EH

Gary Shibetta is executive vice president of Georgia Home Theater. He is a member of HTSA and PARA.