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Now I have nothing against those who are able to afford a multi-million-dollar home or an over-the-top home theater, but in the real world, the rest of us are just looking to own a great entertainment room, den or small home theater. On-line, in print and even on TV, there is no shortage of mega homes and theater rooms that look like Captain Kirk’s bridge, The Buckingham Palace, The Palladium Theater in Hollywood or the Trump’s golden tower. We all gawk and drool and covet what we can’t attain in Architectural Digest Magazine. The rich and famous have endless budgets and are always trying to one-up their “friends.”

So, what are the rest of us supposed to do? Are there products out there that are attainable on a controlled budget? Do we always have to either sacrifice our next meal, or can we truly design and afford quality without sacrificing performance? Another mortgage payment is not practical, and we all deserve a great entertainment room and all the modern electronic advances the world is enjoying. Why is it there seeming to be just two choices? You either blow the bank account or you jump on-line and cave to the imported knock off furniture sold by every, Tom, Dick and Mary, bring the same inferior seating to the internet or the Big Box store.

If you have followed anything I have written over the years, (25 or more years now) you know my frustration with the cheap seating flooding the market. How many tomes must we be burned to realize you get what you pay for. When I introduced PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating over 25 years ago, the main goal was to replace a German made imported furniture line we were selling to the exact Rich & Famous I was just speaking about. Leather recliners in the $3500-$6000 price point for each chair! I rarely met this movie starts, sport figures, CEO’s or corporate moguls! I had to deal with, “their people!” Most times I couldn’t even know who they were. No matter what you did, it was never good enough. Hated it!

PremiereHTS became the alternative. Build the very best Theater Seating right here in America, at affordable pricing. Could it be done? We designed a plan to deliver quality, comfort and at an affordable price for…The Rest of Us! It wasn’t easy, and we had to learn some hard lessons along the way. But within a very short amount of time, we found a family manufacturer with the same virtues, honest passion and history we needed. Building a line of heirloom quality seating, by artisans and standing behind it like no one else was the goal. Nothing but seating, no carpet, no wall treatments, no lighting, no gimmicks. Use only American parts and workmanship, European Leathers, and world class mechanisms, the final product would outperform, out last and underprice the competition. Cut out channels of distribution that only add to the cost and deliver direct to buyers, designers, builders, system integrators and avoid the retail store fronts mark ups.

Now 47 years later, PremiereHTS seating is delivering what the competition cannot. We are ABLE! We are Reli-ABLE, Comfort-ABLE, Afford-ABLE and Fashion-ABLE. Theater Seating for the REST of us. As we always say, “Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!” And now the best is attainable to the masses…

Michael Laurino President/CEO  PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating