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If you’re like 22,000 others who search the internet monthly using, “Home Theater Seating,” as your search words/category, you will find hundreds of available sites. This crowded category has attracted the likes of cheap bargain basement retailers, Big Box membership liquidation companies, etc. The first five or so ads on every page for this search are “Paid Ads,” meaning these companies can leap ahead of every other competitor and will pay an exorbitant amount of money for every, “click,” they receive! Making you think they are the Top Companies, not true! The rest of us must work diligently for years to earn our positions, based on long quality histories, recommendations, being honest and delivering the best we can.

I tell you all this because there are many companies that are not manufacturers but are importers of the same seating from many of the same Chinese/offshore manufactures! These are third world manufacturers, who sometimes have purchased the brand names we know from America that have since gone out of business. They have not only purchased the Brand name, but also the domain name which contains past-history and allows them priority positions on the internet. They basically have bought the reputations of the old American companies! People are then fooled, thinking these are the same quality that their parents once owned. If you look closely from site to site, the exact models under different names are being sold. Some have even stolen plays on our company name and some model names to fool you.

When you price shop, you will really be confused at how one company can be half or one third the cost of others! Ever heard the saying, “Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!” Or how about, “You get what you pay for!” My favorite and one we have used for years is, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Credit to Ben Franklin. Do you really think that a Lexus and a Toyota are the same? They are both cars manufactured by the same company, yet so much more goes into the Lexus models than your standard Toyota. So, don’t say that, “A chair is a chair is a chair!” In the top 5 pages of your search, maybe about 125 listings, I see but three manufacturers who build in America and represent high quality, support and originality.

So, if you are serious about enjoying your theater seating for a LONG TIME, and having a company that will be there to support you, when the others are all moving on to the next hot category or out of business, do your homework! PremiereHTS (www.premierehts.com) is celebrating 25 years in 2021 with an 80-year-old, third generation factory of artisans and craftsman behind us, working to build heirloom leather furniture into the future…

Michael R Laurino

CEO & President PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating www.premierehts.com