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After surviving one of the longest years (and then some) I felt it was time to address the “State of the Industry,” we live in. The furniture or home improvement channel and new home construction sectors have suffered greatly! I probably don’t need to tell anyone of what we have all been through, but I wanted to bring our interested clients and customers where we stand today.

Where are we now?

As I write this on August 31st 2021, we have spent the last 20 months dealing with an unprecedented situation that still lingers. The original Covid-19 may be receding and we all feel we can get back out into the country and even the world to whatever the, “new normal,” may now be. But to resolve or correct the supply chain is going to take more time. As we entered 2021, we felt like the effect of the “Vid,” was behind us and production looked like we could reduce the backlog and move forward. Until we got into the first 100 days of a new administration did we start to see what other issues were about to smack us in the face.

Where are the Problem?

Petroleum is one of those commodities that the world can’t live without. From plastics, to rubber, foam and just about every other product you can think of, without gas and oil, we are crippled! And if we have now gone back to dependency on foreign supply, prices have skyrocketed and shortages are the new normal. My focus here on the lose of foam production, which the furniture industry and PremiereHTS can’t live without. Along with that, wood, metals, leather and labor are all in short supply

So I say all this to say, “It ain’t getting any easier!” When we thought were were coming into a great spring, our lead times are as long as they have ever been. My clients have all been understanding, but the light at the end of the tunnel keeps appearing to be an oncoming train!

So as we enter the second half of 2021, I pray that this fall and winter we see some relief. This all has been a “Blessing and Curse,” at the same time. Are sales increase is off the charts, but our ability to fill it is nearly killing us. Just remember that this is not a life and death situation. Many have suffered and some have died over this pandemic season. We are truly blessed to have survived and even thrived. We are strong, and have built a stronger foundation and look ahead as the future is bright.

Thank you to all our clients, integrators, designers, customers and partners suppliers who have stood with us…

Michael Laurino | CEO President | PremiereHTS, LLC