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How Do I Buy?

How Do I Buy?

Thank you for your interest in PremiereHTS theater seating. We are offering a new “Buy On-Line Program” that allows, Designers, Builders and self-contractors (you) to purchase Factory Direct. This program is to accommodate those outside of our major Metropolitan markets where we do not have showrooms or dealers for you, or you are working with your designer to decorate your theater. Depending on your needs, I will personally be happy to direct you to one of our Top Dealer Showrooms, or put you in touch with a top designer or builder or help you design it yourself. If you would take the time to complete the form below with as much information as you can, I will respond at my earliest opportunity. With our D-Tools Technology Design Software program, we can actually place your desired style right into your floor plan at no cost. If you are an interested dealer, designer, builder or consultant, I can respond and let you know how I can help you succeed in this category and become one of our recommended showrooms. Thank you in advance for your time and allowing PremiereHTS to be your potential theater seating supplier. By completing the form below, I can send your information to a showroom/dealer near you who are our award winning theater designers and builders who have many designs, some listed in our gallery. Most have showrooms with selected models that you can see and take for a test ride. They can also work with you on all your needs to complete the rest of that dream theater. No other theater seating company in the world offers the quality, comfort and guarantee that PremiereHTS is legendary for.  We can deliver right to your home anywhere in the continental US, setup and remove all packing material for a small addition fee. Payment Requirements:  All orders are built custom to your design, configuration and upholstery selection.  Each group is built immediately after receiving 100% payment in advance. We do not accept credit cards or partial payment under any circumstance! We are building your dream and these materials are the finest in the industry. PremiereHTS and our factory are proud of the long 80 year history and of our financial strength and position in this industry.  While other vendors have gone out of business because of non-payment by dealers and clients, we require you to pay for your dream design in advance to assure you that when we guarantee your product for life on many of the components that we will be here to back our warranty.  We are furniture experts and cannot finance custom orders.  Once we receive your full payment, the factory is paid in full and begins your project.  We select the finest leather hides, build your lifetime guaranteed hardwood frames, use Leggett & Platt American-Made, top of the line, 7 point scissor lifts and fire retardant high density memory foam to guarantee comfort and performance for a lifetime. If you have any question about our history or accolades, check out the Our Founder tab and peruse his long, highly awarded reputation or Customer Comments and press and articles in the In the News section on most pages. At this reduced factory direct price program please understand our policy.  Many overpriced inferior products have so little into their materials they are willing to gamble because of the huge profits they work on with little Warranty to support their seating.  Nobody stands behind their recliners like PremiereHTS… We want to be there for you! In the last 18 years, we have not replaced a single recliner! Michael Laurino CEO/President Contact Michael Laurino \ Premiere HTS 18124 Wedge Parkway – Suite 1007 Reno, Nevada 89511-8134 Office: 406-322-2000 Cell: 406-249-8820

Our History

In the early 90’s, Michael Laurino, founder and CEO of PremiereHTS, was continuing in his field of expertise. He was starting his third decade in the Home Theater Electronics industry as a veteran entrepreneur in both sales representation and distribution for some of the finest products in the electronics industry. Honored with over 40 sales awards, Michael’s company, WestWorld Marketing & Distributing, was well positioned in southern California and recognized as a leader in this exciting field. He was also beginning to develop his own products for national distribution, beginning with Prewire™, a line of custom installation wire & cable, along with Revelation Cable Interconnects.

While attending his 25th consecutive CES Show in Las Vegas, NV and representing his company’s stable of fine products Michael’s next opportunity presented itself. WestWorld Marketing was appointed to represent one of the finest European lines of theater seating at this show. With his long history in the field, Michael had come to be known as a visionary and was in contact with other representative principals around the country who were moving into the home theater seating category also. After a short stint with this European seating company and driving them to number one, Michael saw an opportunity in the domestic manufacturing arena to compete at a more aggressive price point.

In March of 1999, Michael’s departure from this European seating company was the motivation to launch Premiere Home Theater Seating. He spent the next 7 months developing product and searching for a manufacturing partner for their introduction at the 1999 CEDIA Show in Indianapolis, IN. in September. Michael felt there was a tremendous market being ignored by the competition. Once an appropriate partner was signed, he worked closely with his manufacturing partners to develop the most unique design in modular theater seating in the industry. This patent pending design allowed for ease of installation and layout. The cost saving ideas allowed for the finest materials to be implemented and improve the comfort over the competition. The product was a tremendous success. With the introduction of the Encore and Studio models, PremiereHTS was on the map. By January 2000, PremiereHTS debuted its StereoLoungerline of occasional furniture to compliment the already successful MovieLounger™ line of motion seating, which was growing rapidly.

Over the next two years, PremiereHTS would introduce product innovations, quality Italian designs, and value that have yet to be matched. Now with 14 styles and over seventy leathers and hundreds of designer fabrics, the selection is limitless. The introduction of Lifetime frame and mechanism warrantees also moved PremiereHTS ahead of the competition. The marriage of “The Electronic Home Theater Expert” and his furniture-manufacturing partners has proven to be a combination that can never be duplicated.

In 2002, PremiereHTS executed its most aggressive advertising and marketing expansion. PremiereHTS is ready to help design your dream home theater with our excellent team in place. Mark Kingsbury, Chief Operations Officer and D-Tools designer, plus our professional rep organizations around the country, are all available to you for all of your theater seating needs.

Come take one of PremiereHTS’ recliners for a test thrill and see why the industry is praising PremiereHTS as the one to watch. “First Class Seating at Coach Fares” isn’t just a motto, it’s our passion. Take a tour of this extensive web site for more information.


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Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons

10 Great Reasons Why PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating is the Right Choice

When PremiereHTS (Home Theater Seating) was founded in 1999, we looked at what other theater seating makers were doing. We went on a mission to find out what the discriminating Home Theater “Aficionado” as well as the best theater design experts were looking for in high-quality theater seating. One of our founding partners, with 20+ years executive product development experience in the high-end furniture industry, having just left what was considered the best theater seating company at the time, joined forces with the president of one of the nation’s leading high-end audio-video marketing and distribution firms to launch PremiereHTS. Together they were amazed at the huge demand for something better – something that met all the requirements: comfort, style, and quality… but at real world prices. This was the birth of PremiereHTS – makers of the finest in Home Cinema recliners. First class home theater seating at coach prices…

1. PremiereHTS Quality – There Is A Difference!

PremiereHTS home cinema recliners are handcrafted from the ground up with only the finest bench-made construction techniques and highest quality materials available for life-long comfort and durability. We use 7-ply computer cut hardwood for all structural stress points, industrial-grade Leggett & Platt steel incline and recline mechanisms, the highest grade of multi-density, low-memory foams for maximum “body float” and resilience, as well as the widest variety of the finest European leathers and luxurious microfiber suedes available. The result is ultimate luxury, elegant styling, and an ongoing tradition in master workmanship.

2. PremiereHTS Value – Our Formula For Success.

It’s easy to build a state-of-the-art theater recliner where price is no object – but are they worth the investment? Because we combine our extreme quality measures with the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, PremiereHTS has accomplished an economy-of-scale that allows us to build custom theater seating at real-world price points that were previously not thought possible. You might find lower quality theater seating that is mass-produced by mainstream furniture brands at lower prices, but you won’t find a finer theater recliner than PremiereHTS anywhere – at any price! Beware of the off-shore copy-cats.

3. The Company – Integrity, Expertise, Experience.

If you were to “look under the hood” of our company, you’ll find that our real success stands tall on the quality and passion of our people – people with extensive backgrounds in high-end furniture manufacturing as well as a wealth of experience and knowledge within our primary industry of expertise – the high-end audio-video and home theater industries. Every member of our small but dedicated staff is professionally trained in all technical aspects of theater seating integration: elements of theater construction, video viewing optimization, layout design, theater acoustics, and interior design, to name a few. We become personally involved in every facet of your custom theater seating project from the moment your systems designer contacts us with the initial planning and layout of your home theater. We take great pride in working collaboratively as a team with your theater designer as well as your interior decorator to ensure a totally satisfying experience with your theater seating on every level – comfort, aesthetics, ergonomics, durability, convenience, and or course, overall theater performance. Remember – no home theater is truly complete without the right seating.

4. PremiereHTS’s unique modular design – ease of configuration and installation

Other theater seating makers create rows that require complicated installation that includes bolting all the chairs together – rendering them awkwardly massive and unmanageable for cleaning or re-positioning. Four chairs can turn into one long, incredibly heavy and unmovable piece of furniture requiring labor-intensive installation and set-up. One drink spilled can turn into a major project. But with PremiereHTS’s unique modular design, we completely eliminate these issues, allowing for simple set-up, quick re-positioning, and near effortless moving for ease of cleaning.

5. Our modular ‘whisper’ quiet recliner motors

Our recliner motors are fully, continuously adjustable for recline positioning, allowing you to position your recliner precisely to the position that is most comfortable for you – rather than only having 2 set positions to choose from, like many of our competitors. Our whisper-quiet motors are barely audible – even during the quietest passages of any movie you’re watching, so that reclining will not “break the mood”. Additionally, our motors are industrial-grade, lightweight modular assemblies that are easily replaceable in the field in just minutes, should you experience any highly unlikely failure, and are warranted against defect for 1 full years. https://www.premierehts.com/

6. Our user-adjustable head cushions

PremiereHTS offers many custom user comfort features, such as our unique detached pillow back, allowing you to position your head for maximum comfort and optimum movie viewing angle. Other theater seating makers either do not recline as far as our chairs or require you to use an extra pillow to achieve the same results.

7. PremiereHTS’s “Wall-Hugger” space-saving design

PremiereHTS’s theater recliners are also designed to allow you to put them nearly right up against a back wall (requiring only about 3-4 inches), yet still fully recline.

8. Removable “swing away” convenient snack tray swivel tables and Theater Arm.

An innovation unique to PremiereHTS, our Cinema Recliner’s cup holder will accommodate our real wood swivel Table Trays, for your drink, or laptop that can swing completely out of the way. Watch for our new storage arm option compartments built in to the arms for remote controls, magazines, or any other items you would like to easily get to or tucked away. Another exclusive option, is the Theater Arm, designed to fit in between the cushions of your couch, Love-Seat or existing sofa to create that targeted Theater Seat look. https://www.premierehts.com/accessories/

9. PremiereHTS used D-Tools design software for creating flawless custom theater seating designs to your precise specifications and exact measurements.

With these exact templates you can design your room layout with confidence and select from many already designed groups and layouts. Also, our Theater Room Design tool, right on the web site, you can have at it and begin to dream of your new theater room design.

10. Our Guarantee To You

When you build the best, you can afford to offer the most extensive guarantee in the Industry. As the original purchaser, Premiere HTS provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural frame materials against any defects in workmanship and/or materials. Our Leggett and Platt recline/incline mechanisms are warranted for 2 years against manufacturer defects. The cushions and foam materials are covered by a 2-year limited warranty. Our motor assemblies are warranted for a period of 5 full years from the date of purchase, for both parts and labor. Leather materials carry a 5 year limited warranty (material and labor) from any defects in workmanship. Fabric material is warranted for 1 full year from defects in workmanship. No other theater seating manufacturer offers the warranty that Premiere HTS does.



“Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!”