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The Grand from Premiere HTS has been considered by many to be one of our most comfortable theater seats ever. Grand offers a sleek, club chair design with a lower profile and a simple “push-back” recline system that is perfect for dedicated theaters with limited space or for use in lifestyle entertainment rooms where repositioning the chairs after the movie is over is desired.

Innovation and style go hand-in-hand at Premiere Home Theater Seating. Voted as “Product of the Year” by Electronic House in 2003, the Grand is the latest in a family of firsts. The Grand features a lower seat back, “club chair” look. This stealth-like design allows for a slightly smaller footprint, which saves space, making the chairs ideal for smaller home theater rooms. Audophiles who cherish full-frequency response from rear channel speakers will especially appreciate the low-back design. Offering over 100 top quality leather finishes and selected micro fibers for comfort and design Features available with this model are:

  • NEW! Optional swivel tray table – great for snacks, drinks, laptops
  • Contrasting color welting (piping)
  • Configurable in a straight, shared arm row
  • C.O.M./C.O.L. (upon sample approval)
  • New! Large capacity, stainless steel cup holder

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Construction and Warranty:

  • Computer-cut 5-ply hardwood laminate frame structure – 7-ply at all stress points.
  • High-end furniture standard’s “Bench made” hand craftsmanship on all models.
  • We use only the best grade of cushioning foams with the lowest “memory” and maximum compression resilience.
  • Over 100 of the world’s finest premium European leathers available.
  • Industrial-grade Leggett & Platt recline mechanism.
  • – Lifetime warranted frame – 5 years parts & labor on leathers – one year warranty on ultra suede.

Try one on for size today and Come Home to Premiere.


How Do I Buy?

How Do I Buy?

Thank you for your interest in PremiereHTS theater seating. We are offering a new “Buy On-Line Program” that allows, Designers, Builders and self-contractors (you) to purchase Factory Direct. This program is to accommodate those outside of our major Metropolitan markets where we do not have showrooms or dealers for you, or you are working with your designer to decorate your theater. Depending on your needs, I will personally be happy to direct you to one of our Top Dealer Showrooms, or put you in touch with a top designer or builder or help you design it yourself. If you would take the time to complete the form below with as much information as you can, I will respond at my earliest opportunity. With our D-Tools Technology Design Software program, we can actually place your desired style right into your floor plan at no cost. If you are an interested dealer, designer, builder or consultant, I can respond and let you know how I can help you succeed in this category and become one of our recommended showrooms. Thank you in advance for your time and allowing PremiereHTS to be your potential theater seating supplier. By completing the form below, I can send your information to a showroom/dealer near you who are our award winning theater designers and builders who have many designs, some listed in our gallery. Most have showrooms with selected models that you can see and take for a test ride. They can also work with you on all your needs to complete the rest of that dream theater. No other theater seating company in the world offers the quality, comfort and guarantee that PremiereHTS is legendary for.  We can deliver right to your home anywhere in the continental US, setup and remove all packing material for a small addition fee. Payment Requirements:  All orders are built custom to your design, configuration and upholstery selection.  Each group is built immediately after receiving 100% payment in advance. We do not accept credit cards or partial payment under any circumstance! We are building your dream and these materials are the finest in the industry. PremiereHTS and our factory are proud of the long 80 year history and of our financial strength and position in this industry.  While other vendors have gone out of business because of non-payment by dealers and clients, we require you to pay for your dream design in advance to assure you that when we guarantee your product for life on many of the components that we will be here to back our warranty.  We are furniture experts and cannot finance custom orders.  Once we receive your full payment, the factory is paid in full and begins your project.  We select the finest leather hides, build your lifetime guaranteed hardwood frames, use Leggett & Platt American-Made, top of the line, 7 point scissor lifts and fire retardant high density memory foam to guarantee comfort and performance for a lifetime. If you have any question about our history or accolades, check out the Our Founder tab and peruse his long, highly awarded reputation or Customer Comments and press and articles in the In the News section on most pages. At this reduced factory direct price program please understand our policy.  Many overpriced inferior products have so little into their materials they are willing to gamble because of the huge profits they work on with little Warranty to support their seating.  Nobody stands behind their recliners like PremiereHTS… We want to be there for you! In the last 18 years, we have not replaced a single recliner! Michael Laurino CEO/President Contact Michael Laurino \ Premiere HTS 18124 Wedge Parkway – Suite 1007 Reno, Nevada 89511-8134 Office: 406-322-2000 Cell: 406-249-8820

Leather FAQ

Frequently Asked Leather Questions

Q: What’s the best quality leather?
A: Often the most expensive leather is not the “best”. Pure aniline leathers are the most expensive because of the rarity of the hides. Only the top 5% of hides can be tanned to this level. However, if durability is your primary concern, you should examine a less expensive and more finished leather.

Q: Don’t the best leathers come from Italy? 
A: There are many tanneries in Italy that produce a large quantity of upholstery grade leather, but the cows themselves come from all over the globe. Italian leather is a misnomer.

Q: Why is leather so expensive? 
A: Leather cannot be woven or grown or created. It is a natural product. Very few hides meet the requirements for upholstery leather. Also, manufacturing leather sofas is a time-consuming, labor-intensive business, and each hide must be cut individually. These two factors contribute to its higher cost, but keep in mind; a good leather sofa can last up to seven times longer than most fabric sofas. Leather wears in, not out.

Q: What does the term “Full-Aniline” mean?
A: Full Aniline is a term used in the furniture industry to describe the most natural and most expensive leathers. Technically, aniline dying is a process used to color hides. Full-aniline or pure aniline means this is the only process the hide has undergone. It is the most expensive product due to its rarity. Hides of this quality tend to come from the Scandinavian countries due to their climate and farming practices.

Q: I have kids and pets, what is the most durable leather?
A: The answer to this question depends on your expectations. If you expect superior clean-ability and durability, then a protected or pigmented product is probably best for you. However, if you want a Natural product, don’t let an uneducated salesperson convince you that you can’t have it. You just need to understand the characteristics of your purchase. Natural leather will patina from use and oil spills, however, water based spills can be wiped off easily if done in a timely manner. Natural leather can be cleaned with a mild soap and distilled water. Surface scratches can usually be massaged lightly with distilled water and worked out.

Q: How do I care for my new leather furniture? 
A: Please refer to the care instructions from the manufacturer. In general, spills should be attended to immediately. For light spills, always use distilled water and a clean cloth. Blot, do not rub. Try to lift the spill off, not grind it in. Most stains will disappear with time as they dissipate into the leather.

Q: What do you recommend for minor scratches? 
A: If leather has been conditioned and maintained, it should be more resistant to scratches. Most light scratches can be massaged with clean fingers. More serious surface scratches might require moistening with distilled water and then massaging with a clean cloth. For deeper scratches inflicted with a sharp object, consult a leather expert for possible repair.

Q: I have a bright sunlit window. Will my leather fade? 
A: Heat, and/or sunlight, and time can affect all natural substances especially if not properly maintained. Excessive exposure can fade and dry out leather upholstery. A more protected, lighter color would be more resistant in this environment.


All About Leather


Hides, like human skin, have individual wrinkles and scars that make each one unique and natural. No two pieces of leather are alike; each has its own natural markings, which make it unique. These natural markings are the hallmarks of the beauty of Leather. When you buy leather, you should be aware of the inconsistencies from hide-to-hide and recognize that this is part of the leather’s appeal and what makes it different from all other materials! Leather is the strongest upholstery material known to man. Nature has created its strong physical nature by weaving an intricate network of leather fibers. Leather will not readily burn or melt, and, unlike fabrics and vinyl, it is extremely difficult to puncture. Because of recent improvements in the tanning process, today’s leathers will remain supple indefinitely. While initially more expensive than fabric upholstery, leather is recognized worldwide to be a better investment over time. Under normal conditions and proper care, you can even expect let her to last a person’s lifetime. Leather can stand up to the rigors of daily life in the home or office with minimal care. Unlike imitation leathers, genuine leather will become neither hot nor sticky in summer nor cold in winter. Upholstery leathers used by reputable furniture manufacturers are permanently preserved in the tanned process and do not need any care and cleaning with saddle soaps, oils, etc. associated with other leather products. There is no other material to match the feel and aroma of good leather. Over the years, leather becomes richer and suppler and acquires a soft patina like a well-worn glove or saddle.


Less than 5% of all hides harvested each year are suitable for upholstery. This is due to the size of the unblemished pieces required to make a leather sofa. The balance of the hides is used for clothing, shoes, bookbindings and luggage. The overall size and condition of a hide is a critical factor in determining the ultimate cost and quality of a leather sofa. If the hide is deteriorated or of low quality, there is little that the tanner can do to improve it. Due to the large sizes of leather required making a sofa there is little use for the small pieces left over after cutting the hide. These pieces are called waste and must be calculated into the total cost of materials used in making the item. Leather hide sizes vary and range from 38 to 70 square feet depending on the area of the world they come from. The largest cows are located in the colder regions of North America and Europe where the ranges are larger and the animals are better fed and cared for. Due to their larger size these hides afford the manufacturer a better cutting yield. They also have fewer markings such as brands, barbwire scratches and tick bites, which reduce the overall amount of leather necessary to make a sofa. In Northern Europe the cows are grain fed and taken inside at night thus making them much larger and freer of scars. They are kept in by use of electric fences and wooden corrals. Smaller cows are located in Mexico, South America and Australia.The smallest cows come from the Far East and Africa where conditions are rough and feed is not as plentiful. Just as meat is perishable, so too are large hides. If they are not cleaned and treated quickly, the hides will begin to decompose and lose their leather making properties. Processing basically includes two steps: Curing and Tanning.


A hide is an organic material that will begin to decompose shortly after the animal is slaughtered. Fresh hides are composed of 60 – 70 % water. To prevent deterioration in storage and transit from the packinghouse to the tannery, hides are cured in a salt solution with biocide that controls bacterial growth. The hide will remain preserved until it is scheduled to be tanned. Tanneries buy leather hides by the pound from slaughterhouses. They receive the hides while the hair is still on them, in a state we call salted hides. Untreated hides rot if kept damp and dry ones harden. Salted hides are packed in containers and shipped all over the world.


Tanning preserves the hide and makes its natural characteristics permanent. Chromium tanning is a relatively new process developed at the turn of the century. This is the reason why current day leather is softer and properly tanned leather does not crack, fade or peel. There are essentially five steps in the tanning process: Liming A tannery does not know what kind of hide they have purchased until the hair has been removed. The process of removing the hair is called liming. Liming is accomplished by placing the hides in large narrow drums, shaped like a wheel. The drums rotate for many hours until all of the hair is removed. Selection and Sorting The hides are then sorted as to their quality. The highest quality hides are those with the fewest markings. The least amount of work must be done to these hides to prepare them for finishing. Tanning This process preserves the hide and makes its natural characteristics permanent. Tanning is accomplished by placing the hides into large rotating drums for 24 hours. These drums contain alkaline chrome salts. The hides emerge with a slight bluish tone. This state is called the “Wet Blue” state. This process enables current day leather to be softer and not to crack or peel. Splitting The average thickness of a cowhide is 5mm. Upholstery leather requires a minimum thickness of .9-1.1mm. The hides are split in a splitting machine. This operation divides the hide in at least two hides: the grained hides and one or two splits. The strength of the fibers will vary with these hides. The fibers are very strong on the grained hide, and get weaker the deeper the split. The split has much less resistance and flexibility than the grained hide. These splits are processed as suede or embossed with graining to make it look like the grained hide. This is done to offer a lower price on some leather furniture. Aniline Color At the beginning of the finishing process, hides are placed into the wheel shaped drums to soften, remove excess water and apply an aniline dye. This means that they are dyed with a color all the way through. The aniline dye penetrates completely through the entire hide. At this stage the hides are “pure top grain aniline”. These superior hides (free from flaws) are then tumbled in drums for several hours to give added softness. This is called milling. These hides are now done. All other hides progress through additional surface treatments.


BUFFING Heavily scarred hides must receive correction. Feeding them through a machine that is calibrated to the pressure needed to smooth out the hide does this correction. The graining is, therefore, lost in the process. These hides must later be embossed with “graining”. BASE COAT (COLOR) Hides then go through the process of receiving a consistent color over the entire surface of the hide. This color is close to the aniline color already received. This enables a less apparent color contrast, if the hide somehow gets ripped. At this point, the hide is considered semi-aniline, aniline dyed with a base coat of color. These leather are uniform in color with the natural markings being covered. TOP COAT (CLEAR) These hides then go through a clear coat finish. This seals the base color to the hide. The color will now not rub off or be damaged. EMBOSSING Because these hides were buffed smooth, the next process is embossing a grain into it. This is accomplished through heat and pressure. A hot plate is used which has the grain pattern etched into it. Less quality hides receive more buffing and embossing. With more embossing, the hide becomes firmer and less soft to the touch.


Markings are natural, and in no way affect the strength or wearability of the leather. In fact, these markings are indeed the unique characteristics of the leather. There are Seven Marks of Leather: Graining Graining, like human fingerprints, is unique to each individual hide, and is the hallmark of quality full-grain leather hides. Branding Marks Although seldom found on finished furniture, the branding mark is a part of virtually every hide. Neck Wrinkles So that the steer will have the flexibility needed to move its head while grazing, the skin located on its neck is full and loose. As the neck stretches and contracts, wrinkles naturally occur in the hide. (Not unlike many of us.) Scratches These healed scratch marks are evidence of this cow’s unsheltered life. The fewer marks of this kind on the hide, the more expensive it is. Urine Burns Cows have never won any awards in hygiene, so it should come as no surprise that these acidic urine burns are found on the leg areas of full hides. The affected area actually never has the chance to dry out during the cow’s lifetime. Backbone These natural furrows appear along the backbone of all hides. Again, due to the animal’s physiology, they are your proof of a natural full-grain hide. Stretch Marks Stretch marks appear in cowhide for the same reasons they do in humans. The process of calving requires the stretching of the skin to accommodate the new calf. Nothing could be more natural.

Home Theater Carpet

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. This industry-first collection combines stunning color, unique styling, and is perfect for private home theaters or busy commercial cinemas. Quality and 100% STAINMASTER Nylon reliability is the trademark of this collection.


PremiereHTS, in partnering with Joy Carpets, uses the same resources understanding the importance of environmental stewardship and its relationship to a successful business.  We are committed to using facilities in an environmentally sustainable manner, and in a manner that protects the health and safety of our clientele and the public.

Our Environmental Commitment


Home Theaters

Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons

10 Great Reasons Why PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating is the Right Choice

When PremiereHTS (Home Theater Seating) was founded in 1999, we looked at what other theater seating makers were doing. We went on a mission to find out what the discriminating Home Theater “Aficionado” as well as the best theater design experts were looking for in high-quality theater seating. One of our founding partners, with 20+ years executive product development experience in the high-end furniture industry, having just left what was considered the best theater seating company at the time, joined forces with the president of one of the nation’s leading high-end audio-video marketing and distribution firms to launch PremiereHTS. Together they were amazed at the huge demand for something better – something that met all the requirements: comfort, style, and quality… but at real world prices. This was the birth of PremiereHTS – makers of the finest in Home Cinema recliners. First class home theater seating at coach prices…

1. PremiereHTS Quality – There Is A Difference!

PremiereHTS home cinema recliners are handcrafted from the ground up with only the finest bench-made construction techniques and highest quality materials available for life-long comfort and durability. We use 7-ply computer cut hardwood for all structural stress points, industrial-grade Leggett & Platt steel incline and recline mechanisms, the highest grade of multi-density, low-memory foams for maximum “body float” and resilience, as well as the widest variety of the finest European leathers and luxurious microfiber suedes available. The result is ultimate luxury, elegant styling, and an ongoing tradition in master workmanship.

2. PremiereHTS Value – Our Formula For Success.

It’s easy to build a state-of-the-art theater recliner where price is no object – but are they worth the investment? Because we combine our extreme quality measures with the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, PremiereHTS has accomplished an economy-of-scale that allows us to build custom theater seating at real-world price points that were previously not thought possible. You might find lower quality theater seating that is mass-produced by mainstream furniture brands at lower prices, but you won’t find a finer theater recliner than PremiereHTS anywhere – at any price! Beware of the off-shore copy-cats.

3. The Company – Integrity, Expertise, Experience.

If you were to “look under the hood” of our company, you’ll find that our real success stands tall on the quality and passion of our people – people with extensive backgrounds in high-end furniture manufacturing as well as a wealth of experience and knowledge within our primary industry of expertise – the high-end audio-video and home theater industries. Every member of our small but dedicated staff is professionally trained in all technical aspects of theater seating integration: elements of theater construction, video viewing optimization, layout design, theater acoustics, and interior design, to name a few. We become personally involved in every facet of your custom theater seating project from the moment your systems designer contacts us with the initial planning and layout of your home theater. We take great pride in working collaboratively as a team with your theater designer as well as your interior decorator to ensure a totally satisfying experience with your theater seating on every level – comfort, aesthetics, ergonomics, durability, convenience, and or course, overall theater performance. Remember – no home theater is truly complete without the right seating.

4. PremiereHTS’s unique modular design – ease of configuration and installation

Other theater seating makers create rows that require complicated installation that includes bolting all the chairs together – rendering them awkwardly massive and unmanageable for cleaning or re-positioning. Four chairs can turn into one long, incredibly heavy and unmovable piece of furniture requiring labor-intensive installation and set-up. One drink spilled can turn into a major project. But with PremiereHTS’s unique modular design, we completely eliminate these issues, allowing for simple set-up, quick re-positioning, and near effortless moving for ease of cleaning.

5. Our modular ‘whisper’ quiet recliner motors

Our recliner motors are fully, continuously adjustable for recline positioning, allowing you to position your recliner precisely to the position that is most comfortable for you – rather than only having 2 set positions to choose from, like many of our competitors. Our whisper-quiet motors are barely audible – even during the quietest passages of any movie you’re watching, so that reclining will not “break the mood”. Additionally, our motors are industrial-grade, lightweight modular assemblies that are easily replaceable in the field in just minutes, should you experience any highly unlikely failure, and are warranted against defect for 1 full years. https://www.premierehts.com/

6. Our user-adjustable head cushions

PremiereHTS offers many custom user comfort features, such as our unique detached pillow back, allowing you to position your head for maximum comfort and optimum movie viewing angle. Other theater seating makers either do not recline as far as our chairs or require you to use an extra pillow to achieve the same results.

7. PremiereHTS’s “Wall-Hugger” space-saving design

PremiereHTS’s theater recliners are also designed to allow you to put them nearly right up against a back wall (requiring only about 3-4 inches), yet still fully recline.

8. Removable “swing away” convenient snack tray swivel tables and Theater Arm.

An innovation unique to PremiereHTS, our Cinema Recliner’s cup holder will accommodate our real wood swivel Table Trays, for your drink, or laptop that can swing completely out of the way. Watch for our new storage arm option compartments built in to the arms for remote controls, magazines, or any other items you would like to easily get to or tucked away. Another exclusive option, is the Theater Arm, designed to fit in between the cushions of your couch, Love-Seat or existing sofa to create that targeted Theater Seat look. https://www.premierehts.com/accessories/

9. PremiereHTS used D-Tools design software for creating flawless custom theater seating designs to your precise specifications and exact measurements.

With these exact templates you can design your room layout with confidence and select from many already designed groups and layouts. Also, our Theater Room Design tool, right on the web site, you can have at it and begin to dream of your new theater room design.

10. Our Guarantee To You

When you build the best, you can afford to offer the most extensive guarantee in the Industry. As the original purchaser, Premiere HTS provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural frame materials against any defects in workmanship and/or materials. Our Leggett and Platt recline/incline mechanisms are warranted for 2 years against manufacturer defects. The cushions and foam materials are covered by a 2-year limited warranty. Our motor assemblies are warranted for a period of 5 full years from the date of purchase, for both parts and labor. Leather materials carry a 5 year limited warranty (material and labor) from any defects in workmanship. Fabric material is warranted for 1 full year from defects in workmanship. No other theater seating manufacturer offers the warranty that Premiere HTS does.


Home Theater Seating Ideas

Bring Theater Home…

If you have searched the internet for, “Home Theater Seating”, or just, “Home Theaters,” you have been overwhelmed with example after example of dedicated home theaters. Many of these listings are “Paid Advertisers.” They are trying to sell you what you probably are not looking for. There is a plethora of beautiful spaces to see, designer fabrications and well-appointed fabric covered walls, theater trim accessories, rows of stunning seats arrayed in tiers facing a giant professional screen. The common man looks with a covetous heart! But does it have to break the bank?

As a 40-year veteran of the A/V industry (https://www.premierehts.com/about/), I can tell you these rooms are more and more becoming a necessity rather than a luxury! Creating the ultimate movie-watching experience at home is more affordable and makes more sense than packing the family in the car and dealing with crowds, high ticket prices, $8.00 popcorn and someone kicking you in the back!

The public movie theaters are seeing revenues drop along with attendance. The movie industry itself is having the worst box office year in quite some time. New seating, alcohol, sushi/fine dining, vibrating/heated seats, new surround systems, high quality laser projectors, and ticket prices skyrocketing to make up for the low attendance. This still doesn’t solve the bigger issue of cost, crowds, security, etc.!

Sadly, the, “luxury seats,” they offer are not much more than the knock-off recliners you find on so many of the web sites offering, “Cheap Seats!” There are couple loungers, seat-side service and even virtual reality theaters. But still the same old experience.

But, despite all that, people are electing to stay home! Why? You can accomplish everything they are attempting to do right at home at an affordable price. No need for a dedicated high-end room, as they seem to be waning in popularity because of cost or a rarely used space. Many spare bedrooms have been converted to a small media room when available or the old fashion, “Den,” is now more practical and affordable. Friends, family and the daily use of this high traffic location keeps everyone together. Unlike a dedicated room—which is usually a totally separate, closed-off space, typically with a single door and no windows—a media room can be in virtually any room of the house. Now, I am not saying that a beautiful theater in your home isn’t desirable, just might not be attainable by everyone.

Every home can have an entertainment den in the new open-concept floor plans we see. Open now to the kitchen, living room and entrance to the home. Media rooms/dens get used far more often than dedicated rooms, which require viewers to actively get up and relocate themselves to a different isolated location, cut off from communication and awareness of what is going on around the home. Media rooms aren’t mainly for watching movies as the dedicated theater room has been.

You can watch TV, listen to music, play video games, view digital images, and stream content in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The key word here is. “Stream content!” Soon (and already), everything will be available right at home. First run movies, live concerts, sporting events, virtual reality and all at the highest 4K video and Dolby Atmos™ Surround Sound. You will never buy a ‘disc’ again… they won’t let you! Video services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, NFL, NBA, MLB and so many more are there now and soon movie studios will offer every bit of their content to you directly.
Targeted movie recliners may not be the answer in this space, but, couches, love seats, and comfy chairs and entertainment sectionals may be a better solution (https://www.premierehts.com/our-products/#sectionals) —all provide perfect seating options for your family or a group of friends. But again, cheap furniture, like poor quality electronics and speakers will be the death of your entertainment enjoyment and comfort! “Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!”

At its most basic, a media room consists of a relatively large-screen TV—let’s say at least 60+ inches—along with an improved audio experience. A quality multi-channel receiver (Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, etc.), front left and right loudspeakers, center sound bar, surround speakers and of course a sub-woofer.

But for the true movie or music lover, quality sound is what makes this a true live experience! Picture size is great, but I have experience concerts and movies on a somewhat smaller screen but with a substantial sound system, that makes it real! Giant picture and poor sound quality will fail to re-create the director’s emotion and point! It has to be visceral!

And don’t think that having a media room in the middle of the house has to mean having stacks or racks of gear like dad’s old audiophile stereo system and speakers the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. There are high quality options available that can deliver a phenomenal experience with minimal impact on your décor and even wireless speakers to make the installation easy and invisible.

What are you waiting for? Contact a quality integrator, not a Big Box store and get a little professional advice. K.I.S.S… “Keep It Simple Stupid!” I can easily design a tremendous system for under $5,000 that will rival any public theater. Five years ago, that was the cost of the 42” Flat screen! The other great benefits for those who have kids… they will be home, right where you can watch them and their friends!

Michael R Laurino CEO/President PremiereHTS  https://www.premierehts.com


“Nobody was ever sorry for buying the BEST!”