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If there is one question we have heard over and over these many years, is the answer to the question; “Do you make a low back chair so I can hear the rear speakers in my surround sound system?

This was one from years ago and I am amazed it keeps coming up still today. The whole concept of Home Theater Seating was to develop a chair that supported your entire body. Once in your incliner from PremiereHTS, we wanted to make sure you had complete comfort from head to toe. Firm yet comfortable seat cushions, padded arm rests, full back support and a head rest that would support your layback position. We receive questions from 5’7 adults to 6’6 large men wondering if our chairs can fulfill their needs. But still we receive those so concerned that the tall backs will somehow block their ears from hearing the “rear channels.”

In the early surround sound processors, there were direct signals being feed to the rears, that typically were a blend of information created from the main front channels. but as time went one, the “effect channels” were being processed as multi-channel discrete information that was timed delayed or actual recorded new material. But the whole idea in surround sound was not to put you in the center of the symphony, but to allow you to experience the ambient sounds lost by antiquated recording equipment. Sufficient or more advance electronics and microphones now could capture and reproduce the surrounding environment or create the effects of every kind of room, hall, auditorium, stadium, etc. l Power Lit

Now it has gone far beyond that. Dolby Surround Sound was a four channel system that continued to expand and now they have gone to 5, 7, 9, 11 speakers and beyond, Speakers are now not just in the rear corners, but side, rear, center rear, and the ceiling. Dolby Atmos is becoming the standard public theater sound system and even built into the newest home receivers and processors.


Back to my original introduction about the listener concerned about hearing his rear corner speakers. Even in the past beginning days of surround sound, most rear speakers were placed high up in rear corners. But to the audiophile, they still ask about their ears being blocked. I say all this to introduce to you a new line or Contemporary Style we call SOLVANI.

Most all Home Theater Seating has a back that can rest your head on the top portion as you slightly recline your chair. We at PremiereHTS have a Patented Pending Power Tilt Headrest. While other us a small section of the headrest and push you head forward. But what about our audiophile friends? If you look at the Solvani Designed seating, the headrest portion of the back has the top one third as a completely laydown top pillow. This now leave your head and shoulders unobstructed to any rear or ambient side channels. The great thing is when you want to lay back and rest and watch you can have that motorized head section in a variable angle that best fits you need. We also included our full incline and optional Power Lift Lumbar. There isnt a position you can’t acheive.

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