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The Smart Home is becoming a reality, no longer a dream of the future. Everything electronic in your home with a plug, also is become part of the, “Internet of Things!” All this has become a reality because of the voice actuated software and devices. Apple’s introduction to SIRI and now, Apple HomePod, Amazon’s Echo Alexa and Google’s Home, is allowing us to speak to our devices and they will begin to learn your priorities, habits and desires. Nothing will be held back. Light commands that not only turn on or off but know the time of day and may say. “Good Morning or Good Night!”

Like all technology, the early adapters will pay top dollar for these gadgets. But soon, like Flat Screen TVs and everything else, the competition will become fierce and prices will and have fallen. While technology scares a lot of people away, thinking they are too complex, again, these devices nearly set themselves up. It all seems to start with these assistance built into single speakers. You will find once you become familiar with your smart speak, it will begin to control or offer you the ability to control it with simple voice commands. You may be surprised how many appliances, sound system products, lighting, heating, security, locks and so many other items have this technology already built in. In the past, people avoided new technology items, feeling they were beyond their ability to learn to operate them or did not want the hassle of learning all the buttons or commands. Today the items themselves will teach you. No need to read long owner’s manuals or remote controls with so many buttons you will inadvertently press something that shuts down everything.

The smart speakers, the hub of all this, have jumped in sales to nearly 25 million units in 2017, most coming during this Christmas selling season. The predictions are off the charts for the coming years. Every manufacturer of electronics knows that if their items do not interface with these devices they will be left behind. How far will this go? Science fiction has shown us some scary scenarios of computers and smart devices tacking control. is that possible? Well, many of these devices are equipped with learning devices that will learn more about you and your desires. Some of these devices can record what is happening in the environment they are placed in.

Michael Laurino CEO/President PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating