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Featured Theaters from our Clients.

The best way to brag about our seating, is through the testimonials from our great clients. I have never had to push, beg or pay anyone to talk about their new Home Theater. They are enjoying one of the best investments they have ever made. They also are quick to take pictures and sent them to us. Each and every room design and project, I have personally taken a part in designing, laying out and configuring their dream theater. With 50 years of experience in the A/V Industry, and a manufacturer of our own leather seating, we are the only family owned and operated All American Made furniture focused on Entertainment Comfort and Quality. As part of our history, we are a team of artisans and history dating back 80 years to the founders familes.

What Can I Expect?

Once you peruse our very informative website, Premierehts.com you will quickly see that there isn’t another Home Theater Seating Company like ours. When you search the internet, (Home Theater Seating) odds are the first four or five listings are “Paid Advertisers.” Nothing wrong with advertising but realize most all of those companies are neither direct manufacturers nor are distributors. They act as agents for the same seating made by one MEGA supplier to them all. Look closely at the seating and tell me I am wrong. And I guarantee you they are NOT U.S. MADE! Is that important? Who will take care of your issues when they arise?

Warrantee and Materials

Oh Yeah, what is the warrantee and for how long and what does it cover? All very important questions to know up front. I have searched every other “Home Theater Seating” postings and websites and I challenge you to do the same. There isn’t any clear statement of length and coverage of each part of the seating. Also, the materials are rarely defined except for the loose use of the term “Leather.” You will find an adjective in front of the word leather like, “Bonded, FAUX, Split, Matched, etc.! And obviously… They are not LEATHER! Search the words listed here and read the horror stories customers post about their experience after a few years.

This is Bonded leather.

Who should I ask?

The best resource for who might be a good reference are past and current owners of the product you are considering. I Know, every website out there has a few Quotes or Testimonies like: Bob and Betty saying: “We love our seating…” Who? We provide names and in many cases their contact info. Our clients love to brag about their satisfaction and in some cases, we are now experiencing repeat buyers. Not because their chairs are worn out, but the fact is they sell their homes, and the new buyers demand they include their theater and or seating. Ten, twelve, fifteen years later, their seating is still in excellent condition, while those “Cheap imitations” after a few years are TOAST!

I will be more than happy to direct you to many who are happy to tell you, their story. I have even had on more than one occasion, a perspective buyer contact an existing customer and visit their home, REALLY! The featured picture above is from Marianne in Florida, and this is her second purchase. And she has recommended her experience to at least two others who also became clints! Here is a quick link to nine other current customer’s rooms that you might enjoy. Featured Client Gallery

I would live an opportunity to personally speak with you. When you contact PremiereHTS, it is me that you will hear from. Not a salesman, chat bot or anyone else. I started this company and have been the man in charge since 1998!