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From Embossed, Nu-Buck and Pebbled Leathers, our collection of over 400 leathers will suit your specific design taste. Because we only use 100% Top-Grain European leather – no splits or vinyl – your furniture will age more gracefully, adopting your lifestyle. We carefully choose the best hides with the most beautiful details that will add to the depth and character of the patina on your leather furniture. We’ve got every texture, every color, and every type of leather available, so go ahead; find one that’s distinctly you.  Fine leather like the Top Grain European hides that we use exclusively are treated with the utmost care in their processing (read All About Leather) to ensure a lifetime of comfort and beauty. All leather furniture is NOT created equal… Buyer Be Ware

You can read a detail description on our Care & Maintenance page and learn more about what real world class leather is all about and how to care for it. You can also read our individual care recommendations on each of our Top Ten Leather Care (grades 1-4) to make sure that they will be the right choice for your environment. In most cases these ten will offer a large enough color palette to fit your requirements. There are many other leathers that are graded above these ten (grades 4-6, shade on our Leather Grade Chart). They are more delicate and would require more caution to avoid spills and rough traffic patterns (kids, pets and regular food dining). Also, unless you see them on an upholstered piece, it is hard to see the final finished look. The colored swatches here on your computer screen is a real picture of each leather, but will vary from monitor to monitor… sample swatches are available for final color and grade selection.  Below is a collection of over 25 leather groups/grades. Each is listed by color and family names.