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Lots of things go into putting together a great home theater experience, sound, picture, acoustics and let’s not forget seating/furniture.  You’ve obviously got to achieve great sound and picture.  But seating seems to be an afterthought and gets overlooked. The other can be the actual room itself and how it does from an acoustic standpoint. But, as a manufacturer of Premiere Home Theater Seating, what the industry has called one of the best, most reliable/comfortable home theater seats, I know a thing or two about seating.

One big reason to have your own personal theater is to avoid the sticky floors, loud talkers, people kicking the back of my chair and uncomfortable seats cheap imported recliners of a commercial Cineplex. But buyer beware! You may have choices when it comes to home theater seating, but the category is now overrun with JUNK!

The Multi-Plex Theaters have decided that just propping up your feet is the answer to enjoying the movie, no matter how uncomfortable the chair is.  Another option for your entertainment room, instead of targeted theater seats are entertainment sectionals. Many of these will let you put your feet up and get into a semi-reclined position by using a recline mechanism or an ottoman. That works, whatever your room will accommodate.

In the early 60’s when Lazy Boy and BarcaLounger first introduced dad’s recliner, it was all about coming home from a hard day at work, reclining and falling asleep watching the three network channels on your TV.  These recliners where of the manual or push-back recline operation and needed about 16-18 inches to lay almost lay flat. The option was that it gave you was two positions, footrest up, or the goodnight.  Today’s cheap motorized recliners recline, but the issue with many of these is they have one continuous motion, you lay back before your feet get all the way up.  Almost all this cheap furniture has continued with this design. You cannot raise your feet and stay in an upright seated position with feet up, unless you step into the good stuff. What happens is your head is pointed at the ceiling as you fall into a deep sleep.  Now you break your neck pulling up to see the movie or get the pillow off your bed to raise your head!  When checking out theater seating made by a company whose primary business is furniture, and only furniture, there are American Made mechanisms that work to raise up your feet before allowing the back to recline, or even offer a two-motor system to independently raise and lower each to a desired position!

Searching the web will never solve the issues you might be concerned with if cheap is your only qualification for seating. I have searched far and wide for theater seating that puts you in this ideal position and there may be three of us that exist.  One more option I really like is an articulating headrest and Premiere Home Theater Seating is the one and only motorized headrest on the market. There are some manual ratcheted ones, but in time that mechanism will loosen up and will not support your head.

So, what’s with the, “Software Title?” You may quickly think I am talking about some sophisticated computer receiver or pre-amp, but I really mean, “SOFTWARE!” Comfort soft. supportive leather seating. We ran a successful ad campaign many years about that asked, “What good is all that hardware, if you have cheap, SOFTWARE?” I also said, “What good is front end if the rear end isn’t happy!” You will sit in those cheap recliners for 2 to 3 hours or more and fidget through the hold movie, trying to get comfortable.So how good of a deal were those chairs? And next year you will be replacing them… Not such a great deal anymore.