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This is a letter I just received from one of our best dealers, Eyehear Technologies in Kalispell, Montana. Russ deals with this every day and here is a letter to a client looking for quality seating and very confused by all the internet offerings…

Theater Seating is actually one of the most “complex” products we offer because there are so many styles, colors, fabrics and manufacturers out there. Years ago, we realized we couldn’t showroom more than 1 manufacturer due to space limitations so we went with the Co. we felt was most cost effective/quality oriented. It is owned by a man Michael Laurino who lived on Foy’s Lake for many years but has since moved to the Reno, NV area to be close to his grand kids. He still gives us good support. Premiere Home Theater Seating www.premierehts.com is what we have in our building, we have their fabric samples and the most experience with. He welcomes any potential client to call him and discuss his Chairs. They are made at a factory in So. Calif.

We also can sell Fortress Seating. They are another Seating Co. out of Calif. That is very similar in price to Premiere but not of the same quality in my opinion. I have some brochures with limited fabric samples for them.

We can also sell Bello Theater Seating. This is a more economical seat but not of anywhere near the same quality. They don’t have as many options and such. We have sold a few sets of their chairs over the years but not many.

Here is my take on any of these Chair companies. You get what you pay for, particularly in the “build” quality of the chair. If the chairs are going to get a lot of use, buy a better chair that will stand up to years of use. The choice of covering material- leather or cloth has a huge impact on cost per chair. I do not recommend the more expensive, supple/high grade leathers if Kids use the room a lot. The more economical/sturdier leathers are better for that. But if is mainly Adults that don’t abuse the chair then gals typically want a supple leather. The color of fabric is the next element, not all colors are available in all grades of leather. I usually give the fabric sample to clients, let them pick two or three choices and then I call to make sure those choices are still available and price them accordingly. When you do chairs, again I highly recommend the spending a lot little more money for motorized chairs because they can be infinitely adjusted by the person to recline in the manner they choose for that moment. The manual chairs have preset positions that cannot be changed. Shorter persons vs taller persons have to live with that preset whereas the motorized version is customizable and allows even during a movie to adjust the position according to need.

I also highly suggest any chair order include “white” glove delivery which means they send a truck that will carry them in, set them up and they are responsible for everything. Otherwise, the truck shows up, dumps them at the curb and drives away. I cannot tell you how many times clients go this route, and the chairs are damaged or impossible to get someone there to move them inside in a timely manner.

We 4 models/styles here to sit in so they are welcome to come back and sit in different styles.

Most companies will tell you 4-5 weeks to fill the order and 1-2 weeks to get them delivered.

In essence what I advise clients is think of these chairs as an investment in look, comfort and longevity. Don’t settle for lesser models to save money because in the end they won’t be happy. I hope this info helps you and Dr’s form some opinions.

Russ Vukonich  Director of Sales & Marketing Eyehear Technologies, Kalispell, Montana