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What exactly qualifies as “Best?” Who is the judge of that? Well, for the past 25 years, we at PremiereHTS have enjoyed incredible reviews and accolades from the Audio/Video Industry. Most all of the publications who focus on all things to do with the stereo, video and home theater products. But what does it mean just because some writer or reviewer declares a product, “Best in Class?” 

What exactly does, “Best Home Theater” actually mean? It’s funny, but each time I am asked or run in to someone taking a look at establishing their very own home entertainment heaven, they frequently ask just how they can get the ideal home theater. Reality is, gaining the very best home entertainment system actually means what’s ideal for that individual person, space and budget under consideration. Does that make sense? Now, prior to shopping or trying to find the very highest priced Home Theater available in the industry, and assuming that means best, simply starts with a room plan. Make a listing of exactly what you desire; whether you’re able to start with a few components or can build from scratch and what your true spending funding will be. All of these are pertinent questions.

“Best Home Theater” doesn’t tell me anything. Here, I will try to offer you an idea of how to establish a home theater at house and exactly what it could set you back. You’ll find a couple factors to take into consideration. Are you considering upgrading everything you currently have set up or are you about to re-invent your entertainment area? If you’re starting from scratch, budget each section of the theaters categories of needed items so that you are balancing your spending. Like, don’t make the mistake of spending half the budget on a screen and projector and ending up with garbage speakers and seating. Or so many times I see the world’s greatest speakers with lousy electronics… garbage in, garbage out. Think front end, picture, back-end seating and everything in between. Most differences in amplifiers, processors and or a receiver of high quality will be very similar. There are four categories to consider. Picture, sound, seating and room design. I have heard demonstrations of thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics, driving inexpensive speakers that would blow you away!

But in the event that you presently have a TV monitor, flat screen or some other picture creating device and a high-quality DVD player set up and are wishing to upgrade to a superior audio system, in that case your price reduces somewhat. Investing in a home entertainment/theater sound system with an all-in-one electronic component, like a receiver set up, means that you are able to purchase a quality unit for around $1500. Your home-theater viewing options offer a huge range of choices.  Upgrading to a plasma, LCD, LED or projector will definitely decide on where this budget is going, especially when you get to size. Buying a massive screen variant in either and accessories that might also incorporate a video projector setup up, in that case your funding will balloon out to somewhere in the area of $6,000-$15,000. Having to remodel your home theater room to accommodate raisers for seating, acoustic wall treatments, lighting, etc., this could take away from your equipment desires. Home renovations might be costly so should you get started changing the overall look of an area the cost will escalate. Plan for about $10,000 – $30,000 with this kind of upgrade that might also consist of new home entertainment furnishings. The benefit for this particular really is adding extra value to your home. However, it’s a devotion financially and steer clear of needing to borrow money to finish such a job. Therefore, using the ideal Home Theater means more than merely going out and purchasing the very expensive units in the marketplace – it boils right down to what you actually desire and what’s going to suit your wants. Like anything, without a plan or map to where you are going, you may never get there…

Michael Laurino CEO/President  PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating