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So you have an opportunity to convert that empty bedroom, vacated by one of your children who have left the nest! Or, that unfinished basement is ready for a make over, that man-cave you have been dreaming about is about to take shape. But, where do you start? Some might grab a pencil and tap measure and attempt to get close to what you want. Or, spend a bunch of money with a designer, architect or your, “friend” who knows how! I have  better solution…

At PremiereHTS Home Theater Seating, we have designed and launch a free tool that is as easy as, drag and drop. You can select the dimension of your room, screen location, platforms, doors and many different seating options. You can drag in the types of seats that will help configure your rows, whether they are targeted theater recliners, sectionals, curved or straight rows, etc.

There are even furniture options and shapes for tables, bar stools and walls. Some of the shapes can be stretched and reconfigured to represent speakers, sub-woofers, etc. The floor will show squares that represent one foot increments, you can even, when finished show carpet or wood floors. You can save or print your design and edit it later. This will be very helpful when trying to determine the number of seats per row using the dimension tool on the seats themselves to stretch or narrow, using the manufacturers  specifications. Straight and curved rows can be laid out then duplicated for multiple row rooms.

There are tutorial videos to help you understand how each work. Once you design the room, you can now shop your local retailer of present to your manufacturer or designer. So how do I get started?

First you should have in hand the dimension of the room and any anomalies or obstacles that my limit or impair your view. Once you have that, you can begin. It would help if you have the footprint of the chairs, width and depth, so as to extract the exact templet for your design.

Now go to the PremiereHTS web site by clicking on this link,  Premiere Room Designer This will take you to our TheaterInvite, design tool. From there, you can get all the tools need and you can also go to the PremiereHTS website and get all the seating dimension for our seating. Once you have a design you like, you will have multiple options for saving or printing our the plan. Make sure you save the editable link and a PDF to your desktop. I look forward to speaking with you if you need any help…

Michael Laurino CEO/President Premiere Home Theater Seating