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For more that 20 years, Premiere Home Theater Seating has been offering the finest Home Theater furniture to consumers, designers, builders and integrators in the Audio Video industry. Working with partners like D-Tools and for years trying to develop a simple, on-line design tool to help our clients layout and build their dream theaters, we now have partnered with an internet design team who has specialized in programming exclusive sites and tools.

The creators of TheaterInvite.com is composed of a group of business entrepreneurs who have created and operated many successful “brick and mortar” and online companies. They have designed and operated commercial businesses on the Internet since the mid 1990’s.

Unlike many Internet companies that take millions of dollars in Venture Capitol funding and then burn through it in a short period of time, they are self-financing and have no debt whatsoever. they have built businesses on sound financial principles. All of their Internet businesses have been successful and are still operating today. They had built this site for their own use. As owners of home theaters and love inviting friends over for movies, this tool was more of a project of passion than one to venture off into a crowded market they were unfamiliar with.

PremiereHTS discovered this site years ago and began using it to allow our customers to begin the process of laying out their room without the expense of what some of the existing software cost. Most other options were not on-line, but required some expertise, special software and skills that required hiring someone to do your initial design. PremiereHTS felt it could offer a simple solution at no cost to use and work closely with a customer to start their initial plans and help critique their seating layout using precise dimensions. This simple drag and drop planner will give us a head start on laying out your room. More detailed room plans can be done from this starting point and converted into a CAD drawing using AutoCAD for precision planning.

With over 40 years of experience in planning and designing sound and theater room acoustics and budgeting, Premiere Home Theater Seating is recognized as a leader in the A/V Industry and has been awarded accordingly. If you are looking to convert, build, design and complete that dream theater room, come check out our new web site and peruse the entire site for seating ideas, room planning and options you may not think are available.

I will be happy to consult at no charge with you to see if we can help you in this confusing market. The experts are harder to find today. Once you contact us, i will personally be your contact as the owner of my company I take pride in being involve from start to finish.


Michael Laurino CEO/President PremiereHTS,  Home Theater Seating