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For a limited time, you have an opportunity to Buy Factory Direct. That's right, after 28 years of selling only through a sellect dealer/designer network, we now are offering you a chance to buy at a wholesale price. For complete details and requirements, click the button below ...

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I am frequently asked about how to buy and pricing. I know the other websites who all sell the same imported products, all blast deals, discounts, and sales… constantly. They all share the same limited selection of configurations/predetermined groups and colors like, black and more-black.

Their calculators start with the most basic chair, no motor, entry level covers, faux (fake) leather and the bare bones materials. Once you begin to research the options you want, the real leather, motors, accessories, etc., you find they are nearly the cost of what a high-quality theater seat will cost from PremiereHTS. So, to make a long story short, it is nearly impossible to quote pricing on-line without looking like a charlatan, or bait-and-switch company. Please read our, Home Theater Warranty (premierehts.com) see the difference!

We offer just one quality, The Best! So, when asked, I need to ask a few more questions before an answer is possible, since we build to your exact needs and configuration. That is why you will deal directly with me, the owner, CEO and Founder of PremiereHTS (sales@premierehts.com or 406-322-2000). But I can say one thing, to get into an American made, 100%, top grain Italian leather recliner, with one of our beautiful leathers, unmatched structural integrity and comfort, and with our full long-term warranty, you will find no match in the market without breaking the bank.

As a starting point we build all this quality starting at $1995 (Series II all 100% leather, grade 1).  If you are located outside of some of the limited larger markets that have our showrooms and dealers, You may qualify! These recliners have been and are sold at a much higher retail. From this point, your only increase will come as you select a higher-grade leather, not better, just others that have a lot more work done during tanning to offer a wider color palette and designer effects. Size varies slightly across our styles, so there may be a small cost upgrade to cover added materials. Incline motors are included in all our seating, and you will find our high-quality, whisper quiet motors outperform all others! All other options are shown on our website and we can discuss what your design needs are.

My personal contact information is displayed on the About Page and here above. Thank you for giving PremiereHTS the opportunity to be your Theater Seating supplier!

Please fill out the contact form below and let me know how I can help you.

before you buy... ask these questions!

I have perused every, Home Theater Seating website on the internet. It amazes me that you can drill through their complete site and never find their Warrantee, their definition of “Leather,” whether FAUX or real, where they are made or where they are imported from! What else are they hidding?

Remember this, the top few listed companies when you search, “Home Theater Seating,” are PAID advertisments. Meaning they pay a high fee per click. Many are all disrtibuting the same off-shore inferior products!


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