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Home Theater Seating

Series II

We continue our Legendary Collection of Home Theater Seating and new styles offering the same popular features we are known for. Each design now includes single motor operation for incline and adds our new two-button control with USB charging. Connecting arms and new storage consoles in multiple configurations are also available. Also available as an option on all models is our patended Power Lumbar lower back support.

Landmark II

LaReina II

LoneStar II

Savoy II

The Strand

Series III

Featured here is our newest collection of two-motor incliners. Each design offers unique styling and comfort and feature the new Power Tilt Headrest and chaise and/or box seat cushion powered foot rest (check style for design). Add the new Power Lumbar lower back support and your comfort is complete! All our current arms, and now our new storage consoles, are available for an unlimited design opportunity.

Solvani Series

Introducing SOLVANI Designs. This European, Italian styling has that unique Contemporary classic look! Configure that unique grouping to fit your room and desire. 

Home Theater Seating

Home Theater Seating

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